Monday, November 8, 2010

NP SET brush hour travel set

Purchased this at Target for $39

NP set delivered new product to add to their large collection for Designer for Target. It included more palettes, lipglosses, faux lashes, body lotions and bag. none to which appeal to me, except for BRUSHES.

They have this mini travel set as well as 13 full size makeup brushes that range from $10 - $30. I think they're all made from synthetic hair.

This travel set contains 5 brushes: blush,eyeliner, eye smudging, eye shadow and concealer.

Blush brush is like a round topped kabuki brush. Extremely soft ( but all the kabuki brushes ive come across have been soft from BYS - Guerlain) i planned to used it for my MAC MSF 'By Candlelight' however it just picked up the frost and was just terrible. So i suggest just using this brush for regular blushes.

EyeLiner brush i actually use it for my eyebrows. its very firm which i like.

Eye shadow brush is like any other honestly, as well as the smudging brush.

i am happy with my purchase because it came with a cute little pouch and the brushes dont shed or smell funky, the quality of the brushes are of a high standard. however, i'd wait for a sale to buy these rather than buy it full price. Ive finally put my order through for the sigma brushes and its worth the money compared to these travel brushes as well as the full sized ones.

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  1. i've never tried and NP brushes and i am now interested to try them out myself. i probably would wait fora sale and invest in some sigmas :)