Sunday, October 10, 2010

a makeup post.

Daisy at 8 months

It most definitely has been the longest time since ive posted anything let alone anything makeup related. I picked up my bad habit of spending as ive returned back to work after being a fulltime mummy for around 7 months.

For 98% of the time i was looking after Daisy, i didnt wear any form of makeup nor did i groom my eyebrows, which gave it a chance to grow out to my desired shape. It also gave my skin a really long time to be free and just breathe.

Being off work and recieving no income meant i wasnt able to buy anything that i wanted .. only NEEDED. So now that i have the cha ching its all about spending wisely instead of pouring it down the drain like before.

But heres my makeup haul for the first time in almost 10 months!

NYX Beige, Australis Lambada and Rimmel Demure

L-R beige lambada demure

NYX Pinky.
Theres a stall in Stocklands wetherill park, opposite to FiFi's shoes & MINK that stock... a decent amount of NYX cosmetics. And its heaps cheap too. this blush was just $8 ( l/g $5) ! i was actually surprised at how pigmented it was. and she has ALOT of single eyeshadows even the palettes and the shadow base. i was in heaven!

Loreal eyeliner Silver black
Maybelline mascara Blackest Black

Went to cosmo cosmetic in Liverpool and saw HEAPS of Loreal intense liner and i was soo happy because i heard they discontinued it, came home only to realise it was the silver black not carbon black. * heartbreak* and they dont know when stock is coming either because i think it was a shipping mistake because they had 'CVS' labels last time i bought one.

The Maybelline mascara is ... not up to the hype. i only use it for my lower lashes because thats all its good for really.

I really hope to be a bit more consistent with this blog.


  1. love the mini haul you did. it's alright i know what it feels like to be gone from the working field then back because of your precious baby. i too took an absence of leave after having my bundle of joy. she's adorable btw :)