Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing girl Rista Chathavixay

Rista Chathavixay
missing since March 24th

I personally dont know this young girl (16), but she resides no so far away and its so heartbreaking, she had a fall out with her dad, moved with her teen boyf & his family, they then break up and she disappears without a trace. She hasnt contacted any family or friends nor has she accessed her bank accounts.

I dont understand how there is so little information and pictures of her online. im surprised because we're so dependant on the internet. No profile pages of social networks. maybe she wasnt much of an internet person.

If it werent for the local newspaper for publishing this report again i wouldnt have even known about it. Curious i went online to check out anything about this girl. Just the same repeated short newspaper articles and one facebook page dedicated to find Rista and it currently has 288 members.

It really breaks my heart, because you dont think these things can happen but it has and ive never ever met her in my life - i cant even imagine what her family and friends are going through still.

So please join this facebook page, spread the word. If you have sighted this girl or have any information call the police, please.

Rista, if you're out there, just pop home let everyone know you're ok, im pretty sure thats what everyone just wants to simply know, just that you're ok

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