Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mummy update

Shes 5 months now. Unbelievable.

It hasnt been easier i still struggle. She BARELY sleeps or feeds, shes always wanting to play. its so hard!!

i wish i had trained her from day 1. to have only fed her every 2 hours. to not pick her up the moment she makes a peep. i mean i started being strict with her when she was 3 months old. i guess you cant dwell on the past and just pave the path for tomorrow

Mummy Fail #1
during my first month of pregnancy i consumed alcohol every weekend lol

Mummy Fail #2
i dropped my baby!! Exactly when she was 20 weeks. i fell asleep with her on me - woke up moved my arm and this thing rolled off my arm on hit the timber floor! then WAHHH WAHHH WAAH! poor thing faceplanted .pick her up MIL comforted her then Daisy sucked her thumb. lol i fed her then she woke up and played we me.

GP says as long as she didnt vomit, bleed and cry non stop as well as landing head first i have nothing to worry about. and he laughed at me lol My boyf was like "How dare you" haha but he's cool now

Its still a long way until she sleeps a 5 hours in one go man i cant wait to rediscover sleeep & sleep beside my boyf again Its been 6 months.


  1. she is so darn cute. cant wait for mine hahaha .. :) :)

  2. your precious daughter is adorable. my son's about to turn 1 yr this mo. and at 5 mo he was a big handful. you'll discover sleep soon enough :) ive also had handful of accidents with my son where he hit his head hard on our headboard cause i wasnt paying attention. the beauty of being new parents.. you always learn something new :)

  3. Awww, look at those pictures. And trust me, it gets easier!