Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We were meant to shop for the pram on the Monday 25th Jan - but i went into labour so yeh.

My heart melted when i walked towards this the S.A cracked up laughing.

SOOOO CUTE! and stylish for my baby girl. rrp$700.
But it wasnt what i wanted in a pram, it was bulky, heavy, and wide.

Ive wanted a Strider since i found out i was pregnant. It's so modern and small and stylish. babydaddy wasnt to impressed with the height or the price though.

So i settled for the VeeBee Valco Navigator
Light weight, 3-wheeled, easy to use, not so wide and under $200.

The most expensive pram we saw cost $1800!!
It was HUGE - like the hummer of all prams.

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