Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daisy 8 weeks update.

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

10 march 2010 - 6 weeks
i always get in trouble my muminlaw for letting her sleep on my belly. " YOU'LL DROP HER!!"

19 march 2010 - 7weeks

My little girl is 2 months old today. A wholesome 5 kg baby with thick thighs.
This week she had her immunisation and checkup. Cried so much when she got pricked the weakling. Shes grown well and everything is fine.

She still predominately looks like my mum but her eyelid slipped so shes got MONO eyelids ( chinky eyes ( before : left eye = monolid, right eye = double lid ) just like babydaddy's mum. She's dark like babydaddy & she got myhair type & eye colour.

25 march 2010 - 8 weeks

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

25 march 2010 - 8 weeks

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

12 days old: 3kgs, 50cm , head 34cm in circumference.
8 weeks old: 5 kgs, 56cm, head 37.2cm in circumference.

Its still the same, she hasnt slept more than usual, still cries like crazy now and then but her feed are much longer. Shes has a strong neck from all the tummytime and baby talks every morning. She LOVES going out haha i think shes sick of being stuck home all the time too after almost 10 months in my tummy.

24 march 2010 - 8 weeks

AMAZINGLY!! i lost 14kgs (30 pounds) in 8 weeks, only 6 kgs left til ill be back to my pre knocked up body weight. Cant wait til i get to go gym again, or i might just cancel it and work out at home and at the park..
20kgs ( 44 pounds) later & 4 days before daisy arrived.

7 march 2010 - 5 weeks

my boyfriend and my daughter - two greatest loves of my life, i cant imagine or believe i could love so whole heartedly. No matter how much you hurt me before, you managed to change your ways without my intervention. YOU changed for the better and i'll love you for everyday of my life. And my daughter; it doesnt matter how stinky your poo is - when you shit and pee on me, the hours you keep me up: ill love you . Everyday of mine and your life. i just pray to god and buddha that when you're an angry teenage girl, you wont turn around and say that you hate mum and dad. love you two with my whole entire heart.


  1. nawww too cute for words i swear!! so glad to see you are doing well x

  2. i am so happy for the birth of your baby :)
    she is soooooo cute and so adorable :) :)

  3. your daughter is so gorgeous! and im in love with her little hello kitty pillow hahah i want one!