Sunday, March 14, 2010

7 weeks of being a mummy

Daisy is seven weeks today which is crazily quick because im ALWAYS at home just taking care of her and myself and time stil flies. She does everything that is expected of her so im very glad that shes up to speed. She's still up every 3 hours for feed for about 2 hours and has a HUGE tantrum just before night time.
failed hair trim, mum in law was suppose to cut behind her ears - then went straight for the sideburns

Her one month party went off with a bang. So many people not enough food or plates. It was the first time my boyf and i planned a party and we were the worst! Running around like headless choooks, babydaddy was drunk halfway through, and Daisy got really frustrated coz she was tired. It was so hard to talk to guest and try to make them at home, good god.

As Parents: we honestly didnt buy much for her because we knew she would grow out of it or it would be useless. And money is tight when theres a mortgage to pay off. So blessed with gifts ( cot, clothes, etc). We only purchased, bathtub/changing table, pram, car seat, nappies - real basics

My boyf wasnt really involved during my pregnancy so naturally i panicked. For him it was the LONGEST waiting game, im so glad that when daisy arrived he was very hands on and playful with her. My sister in law said that he was very good at being a father like as if he had kids before. LOL I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED

Myself, im really enjoying it still, lol. It really was a bore being so heavily pregnant and only being able to be to stay between homes ( mine & bf) just in case she decided to pop. Now im at home ALL the time but i have a responsibility so im occupied at least.
she cracks me up everyday

Emotions of being a mummy: When my mum found out i was pregnant (4mths) she (naturally) went crazy. She was so angry she didnt even cry. She still not 100% still but she has slowly accepted it, and will accept it once i get married. Back then she said, now i can feel how any mother feels about her children. back then i said i can handle it and not to worry about me.

Its true, when i went to cut my hair ( took 3 hrs) i just worried about daisy. The first time daisy cried like crazy and i did everything i knew ( feed/diaper/cuddle/wash) and she still cried like crazy i just broke down and cried as well. no one was home - that moment hit me like a ton of bricks.

no one loves you like your own mum. no matter how rude i am, how much i disappoint, how much i hurt - she still loves me and helps when shes not working.

i miss my mum so much i miss home.
post patrum body: i gained just over 20kgs. got fucken done by stretch marks EVERYWHERE.
i hate the stretchmarks and i did use palmers & bio-oil thruout the pregnancy Oh well at least i have a healthy baby. i had a gut before and that gut is still here, waiting til daisy is 3 months then ill start working out. my diet is boring same thing w. rice and pork beef or fish and my mum in law always forgets to buy vegies but she remembers to go mounties everyday. Im breastfeeding still so i still have to watch what i eat.

i really want to eat 50% vegies 25% rice 25% meat/fish/chicken but its hard to go out and buy it w. no car. & a baby

this was w/in the first month, so glad i can shower!

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