Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Labour, Birth and Post Natal

neverr brought it up because my mum didnt want many people to know because im not married so it was the least i could do for her.

well well well
January 20th - 23rd: Had mild stomach cramps during the wee hoursof the morning

January 24th:
Had a 'show' in the morning.
Pick up my niece and nephew and spent the day shopping with them and had a big 10 course birthday dinner for my niece. Through out the whole day i had more painful cramps that came every 45mins to 1 hour. but i could still continue to shop and eat lol

January 25th : 1 30am tried to go to sleep but rising stomach aches kept coming and going this went one every few minutes and lasted for 10's secs.

230am started recording when stomach aches started and finished. Could no longer lie on my back so went on all fours and rocked til stomach ache finish.

330am Back ache kicked in with every stomach acheso had to walk around in room

430am Mum in law woke up and asked me if my stomach aches were every half an hour. My reply - ' no every few minutes'
mum-' GO HAVE A SHOWER ! You're going to give birth sooon!'
me' You sure??'
mum: YES!!

Proceeded to shower and washed my hair.
Went back up stairs and cont. getting cramps. Woke babydaddy at 510am and we headed off to the hosp.

520am arrived to hosp.

530am arrived to delivery ward where i got hooked up and fingered and got told i was 5cm dilated! * yay half way there*

Just lied in that main room for a while

6am: Into the delivery suite. Got hooked up again and then the pain began~!

Shooting backpain - most painful stomach aches - pelvic bone aching.

I was the biggest brat this entire 3 hours. i want him to hold my hand, then i didnt, then i wanted a blanky, then i didnt, then i want to hug him, then i didnt!

Midwife:"Do you want Gas"

730am my body just want to push but i held it in coz i didnt want to tear, but the midwife just sed to go ahead with it.

Contractions didnt seem to be lasting longer or as close together, maybe i was so gased up but every contraction i push.

I pushed wrong for half an hour ish because i didnt want to poo lol.


midwife:" keep pushing - i can see hair"
me *mind*: dont care - in pain

midwife:" Do you want a mirror?"
babydaddy:' Nah its ok;
midwife pulls out the full body mirror and puts it right infront of my vag.

I was so gased up and soooo in pain. I didnt have the motivation to push long and hard. i didnt care. i didnt want to look in the mirror. i kept saying i couldnt do it. Kept asking them to vacuum her out.

There was only 2 things that kept me going.
1) When the midwife said her heartrate was dropping.
2) Me: " i dont want her anymore" and baby daddy gave my the scariest glare, i think he saw the fear in my eyes.

Then i pushed like i was chucking the biggest dump in my life. Everything BURNED!!! when i was pushing. It was so exhausting.

853am: My crying - grey - GIRL was born. They put her on me while everything else came out. It felt so revolting when i looked at everything else coming, it was like taking a tampon out and feeling disgusted with yourself. I had a TEENY tear that wasnt worth stitches so YAY

She started crying and breathing and became red like a tomato. Babydaddy for really emotional. He is NEVER emotional and the entire time he was saying he was really proud of me and our daughter. Putting up with my brattiness.

Soon family came, and every one was saying how my daughter looks soo much like my mum. Its funny because my mother and i look NOTHING alike.

Baby got checked and weight while my mother showered me. omg so much blood.
baby healthy and perfect. Just what i wanted.

Daisy Cao
D.O.B 25th January 2010
T.O.B 0853am
Weight: 2.960kg
Length: 49 cm

Post- Natal: I was soooooo sore.
It feels like going for a hardcore gym session, then to work for 11 hrs with 1 break, then going to a rave. Without stretching.

It was so weird being a mum, doesnt seem real.
Husbands arent allowed to sleep over so the first night alone was hard. These was an asian midwife on duty that night and i asked her for help, and she said " Its your baby you do it yourself" like bitch hello, i just gave birth in the morning im fucken sore as hell, exhausted as fuck. It really had my tempers fired up but i just held it in and did it myself.

Every other midwife was wonderful, realy helpful, some were brutally honest but still provided me with a guideline. The asian ones didnt want to get off their ass and help. If you dont want to do your job properly - dont do it. I was really disappointed in that

i was in maternity ward for 3 days and 2 nights. i couldnt wait to go home. baby daddy came everyday to help out during visiting hours, my mum came everyday and showered me so i wouldnt get any infection.

Leaving the hosp, baby daddy was carrying all my bags and focused on bring the 4wd to when i got to the front door. mum in law took the baby and just walked right ahead - didnt even walk beside me so that was a big disappointment.

Im full Vietnamese, mum and mum in law are vietnamese as well sooooo i have to do that vietnamese thing.

No shower or washing hair
No fruit or soup or sour food or cold food
thitca kho" with heaps of pepper. rice and steam carrot.
Charcoal like crazy!

For one month

My baby girl - Daisy Cao

Day 4. i got the hang of breastfeeding. Daisy feeds longer .:. sleeps longer. Turns red when shes frustrated. Squeals like a girl. The greatest thing to happen to me and my boyfriend.

Will be back soon


  1. Congratulations Hun!! She is beautiful like her mama <3

  2. oh dear i am so sorry but i couldnt help crack up at some of the things you wrote up. i reckon if you can go through childbirth, you can do anything! my bf's sister just had her first baby girl last jan 9th. anyway, congratulations once again :) keep us updated!

  3. little daisy is adorable! I can't believe you've been through child birth and back, guess it was all worth it in the end though :)

    P.S the bag was from my mum LOL she goes through my pictures on my laptop when she uses the internet and she bought me the bag in Taiwan because it looked like something I liked, she was right on the mark!

  4. OMG CONGRATS! Such a beautiful baaaby <3!

    My mum has given birth 3 times and everytime she goes through labour, she reckons she doesn't want the baby anymore because it's so painful lol! I really admire your courage.

    Hope all is well with baby Daisy and the mummy!