Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daisy:4 w.o & shopping list


I cant believe that its been 4 weeks since she has arrived.

I def. took it one day at a time. She has breastfed the entire time and only wakes up once in the wee hours of the morning for two hours to feed. So ive been blessed in that sense *knock wood*

Honestly it hasnt been at all bad as they all make it seem - mostly because i didnt have to cook and prepare my meals. Even though it was the same food three times a day for 4 weeks straight. I still havent showered or wash my hair and my boyf say my hair smells REALLY bad. haha

Here's a list of products that have made life a little bit easier as a new mum.

Tommee Tippee 'closer to nature' Breast pump.
The teat is so much like the breast so my baby wasnt shocked by the change and this step is to slowly get her used to the bottle

Pop-up Container
So amazing! It just make the whole nappy changing part quicker and more efficient.

Huggies Newborn Nappies
BabyDaddy scored free nappies for one whole year which save a lot of $$ because this little monster uses about 108 in 2 weeks and one box is about $35 .

My mum in law think that im such a poshy bitch that wastes so much money uneccessarily - especially on nursing pads. idgaf - Nursing pads are a must! and 60 for $8.00 .. who cares!

These wipes ... so thick and large and gentle!

one of the few things thats good about being australian. this ointment

these cleansing wipes have been my showers for the last four weeks

i gained 20kgs during my whole pregnancy which is NOT ok. lol cant wait to lose the weight and the extra baggage (tyre) i had pre preggers.

Bardot's Scarlette Ankle Zip jeans $149.95

Bardot's Annika Jeans $169.95

Tony Bianco 'Don' $169.95 in Stone Lizard Nubuck & BlackLizard Nubuck

I usually HATE booties because of my calves but OMG these are TDF!

Tony Bianco 'Dodge' $ 169.95

Ive wanted Over The Knee boots since last winter, but it wasnt 'in' and it was very scarce and over priced. Now everyone is gunna be rocking in these boots in winter with leggings

Betts 'Josa' in Black Suede $119.99
( check out the price difference and the material used btwn betts and bianco)

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  1. CONGRATS!! My god, so happy for you guys. I can't wait to see more pics of Daisy =)