Monday, January 18, 2010

They hit the spot.

Girls with a full back. Sexy as hell.

Guys with ONE sleeve

Pho: With all the extra ingredients is a must.

Hello Kitty & Lady Gaga go together like butterfly trampstamps.

Ribs&Rump. beautifully marinated pork ribs, cooked to perfecttion. You can't eat this shit with a knife and fork

Big Bang's T.O.P
fucking swoon korean rapping boy who wears eyeliner

Bun Bo Hue
, always too spicy for me but i loves it.

Ashley vee of course!!

HOMEMADE Goi Cuon. peanut butter is the secret ingredient for the sauce.
I refuse to pay $6 for 3 goi cuons that arent fresh.

easiest thing to whip up.

lean mince
tomato salsa
diced tomato
corn chips

Balenciaga bag: No store in Sydney. Love my replica 18 mnths on and have not seen anyone else with it.

Nicole Richie: my idol. role model

one of the few great aussie indulgences.

fresh oj.

(pictures are from google. i dont own any)

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