Monday, January 18, 2010

Coin Laundry - Lisa Mitchell

Hello Kitty makeup bag from boyf. (toys'r'us)
MSF - By Candlelight
BYS "Kung Fu Blue" nailpolish. but i think its more a minty Green colour

Honestly, get the MSF, its worth paying for it. COZ Prestige Mineral baked blushes are similar but its the size of a 50c coin with a teeny dome and you're paying 22.50 for it. And the revlon ones, prices are only like $10-$15 cheaper than high end cosmetics so i dont bother.

Plus the MSF will last coz you only need a TEENY amount

Shiteous camera once again, but you can see the msf on my cheeks. Very light frosty pink with hints of gold. if you dont like it to frosty just 1 swipe of your hand over it will minimise the frost and you'll have a more pinky gold colour.

Honest to god: this was lazy face. i skipped the moisturising & primer - didnt set the foundation and look how shit my skin looks eEK! Lesson learnt.

barcelona eyes
QVS fake lashes
rimmel stay matte foundation
rimmels nude delight ls
msf by candlelight

My nails were from... friday evening. has not chipped coz i havent been doing house work.

I use BYS nailpolish cozz its cheap. When you do do house work it lasts like 4 days ( w/topcoat)

Youtubed how to do the leopard print nail art, left hand GREAT!, right hand ... looks like some had a seizure doin' it =/

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  1. Ahhhh what the hell. I JUST came across your comment about By Candlelight! I don't know but mine is really pinky in the pan but not so much on the cheeks. It's still pink but a lot more subdued! I love love how it looks on your cheeks!