Monday, November 8, 2010

NP SET brush hour travel set

Purchased this at Target for $39

NP set delivered new product to add to their large collection for Designer for Target. It included more palettes, lipglosses, faux lashes, body lotions and bag. none to which appeal to me, except for BRUSHES.

They have this mini travel set as well as 13 full size makeup brushes that range from $10 - $30. I think they're all made from synthetic hair.

This travel set contains 5 brushes: blush,eyeliner, eye smudging, eye shadow and concealer.

Blush brush is like a round topped kabuki brush. Extremely soft ( but all the kabuki brushes ive come across have been soft from BYS - Guerlain) i planned to used it for my MAC MSF 'By Candlelight' however it just picked up the frost and was just terrible. So i suggest just using this brush for regular blushes.

EyeLiner brush i actually use it for my eyebrows. its very firm which i like.

Eye shadow brush is like any other honestly, as well as the smudging brush.

i am happy with my purchase because it came with a cute little pouch and the brushes dont shed or smell funky, the quality of the brushes are of a high standard. however, i'd wait for a sale to buy these rather than buy it full price. Ive finally put my order through for the sigma brushes and its worth the money compared to these travel brushes as well as the full sized ones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a makeup post.

Daisy at 8 months

It most definitely has been the longest time since ive posted anything let alone anything makeup related. I picked up my bad habit of spending as ive returned back to work after being a fulltime mummy for around 7 months.

For 98% of the time i was looking after Daisy, i didnt wear any form of makeup nor did i groom my eyebrows, which gave it a chance to grow out to my desired shape. It also gave my skin a really long time to be free and just breathe.

Being off work and recieving no income meant i wasnt able to buy anything that i wanted .. only NEEDED. So now that i have the cha ching its all about spending wisely instead of pouring it down the drain like before.

But heres my makeup haul for the first time in almost 10 months!

NYX Beige, Australis Lambada and Rimmel Demure

L-R beige lambada demure

NYX Pinky.
Theres a stall in Stocklands wetherill park, opposite to FiFi's shoes & MINK that stock... a decent amount of NYX cosmetics. And its heaps cheap too. this blush was just $8 ( l/g $5) ! i was actually surprised at how pigmented it was. and she has ALOT of single eyeshadows even the palettes and the shadow base. i was in heaven!

Loreal eyeliner Silver black
Maybelline mascara Blackest Black

Went to cosmo cosmetic in Liverpool and saw HEAPS of Loreal intense liner and i was soo happy because i heard they discontinued it, came home only to realise it was the silver black not carbon black. * heartbreak* and they dont know when stock is coming either because i think it was a shipping mistake because they had 'CVS' labels last time i bought one.

The Maybelline mascara is ... not up to the hype. i only use it for my lower lashes because thats all its good for really.

I really hope to be a bit more consistent with this blog.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing girl Rista Chathavixay

Rista Chathavixay
missing since March 24th

I personally dont know this young girl (16), but she resides no so far away and its so heartbreaking, she had a fall out with her dad, moved with her teen boyf & his family, they then break up and she disappears without a trace. She hasnt contacted any family or friends nor has she accessed her bank accounts.

I dont understand how there is so little information and pictures of her online. im surprised because we're so dependant on the internet. No profile pages of social networks. maybe she wasnt much of an internet person.

If it werent for the local newspaper for publishing this report again i wouldnt have even known about it. Curious i went online to check out anything about this girl. Just the same repeated short newspaper articles and one facebook page dedicated to find Rista and it currently has 288 members.

It really breaks my heart, because you dont think these things can happen but it has and ive never ever met her in my life - i cant even imagine what her family and friends are going through still.

So please join this facebook page, spread the word. If you have sighted this girl or have any information call the police, please.

Rista, if you're out there, just pop home let everyone know you're ok, im pretty sure thats what everyone just wants to simply know, just that you're ok

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mummy update

Shes 5 months now. Unbelievable.

It hasnt been easier i still struggle. She BARELY sleeps or feeds, shes always wanting to play. its so hard!!

i wish i had trained her from day 1. to have only fed her every 2 hours. to not pick her up the moment she makes a peep. i mean i started being strict with her when she was 3 months old. i guess you cant dwell on the past and just pave the path for tomorrow

Mummy Fail #1
during my first month of pregnancy i consumed alcohol every weekend lol

Mummy Fail #2
i dropped my baby!! Exactly when she was 20 weeks. i fell asleep with her on me - woke up moved my arm and this thing rolled off my arm on hit the timber floor! then WAHHH WAHHH WAAH! poor thing faceplanted .pick her up MIL comforted her then Daisy sucked her thumb. lol i fed her then she woke up and played we me.

GP says as long as she didnt vomit, bleed and cry non stop as well as landing head first i have nothing to worry about. and he laughed at me lol My boyf was like "How dare you" haha but he's cool now

Its still a long way until she sleeps a 5 hours in one go man i cant wait to rediscover sleeep & sleep beside my boyf again Its been 6 months.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daisy 8 weeks update.

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

10 march 2010 - 6 weeks
i always get in trouble my muminlaw for letting her sleep on my belly. " YOU'LL DROP HER!!"

19 march 2010 - 7weeks

My little girl is 2 months old today. A wholesome 5 kg baby with thick thighs.
This week she had her immunisation and checkup. Cried so much when she got pricked the weakling. Shes grown well and everything is fine.

She still predominately looks like my mum but her eyelid slipped so shes got MONO eyelids ( chinky eyes ( before : left eye = monolid, right eye = double lid ) just like babydaddy's mum. She's dark like babydaddy & she got myhair type & eye colour.

25 march 2010 - 8 weeks

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

25 march 2010 - 8 weeks

19 march 2010 - 7 weeks

12 days old: 3kgs, 50cm , head 34cm in circumference.
8 weeks old: 5 kgs, 56cm, head 37.2cm in circumference.

Its still the same, she hasnt slept more than usual, still cries like crazy now and then but her feed are much longer. Shes has a strong neck from all the tummytime and baby talks every morning. She LOVES going out haha i think shes sick of being stuck home all the time too after almost 10 months in my tummy.

24 march 2010 - 8 weeks

AMAZINGLY!! i lost 14kgs (30 pounds) in 8 weeks, only 6 kgs left til ill be back to my pre knocked up body weight. Cant wait til i get to go gym again, or i might just cancel it and work out at home and at the park..
20kgs ( 44 pounds) later & 4 days before daisy arrived.

7 march 2010 - 5 weeks

my boyfriend and my daughter - two greatest loves of my life, i cant imagine or believe i could love so whole heartedly. No matter how much you hurt me before, you managed to change your ways without my intervention. YOU changed for the better and i'll love you for everyday of my life. And my daughter; it doesnt matter how stinky your poo is - when you shit and pee on me, the hours you keep me up: ill love you . Everyday of mine and your life. i just pray to god and buddha that when you're an angry teenage girl, you wont turn around and say that you hate mum and dad. love you two with my whole entire heart.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We were meant to shop for the pram on the Monday 25th Jan - but i went into labour so yeh.

My heart melted when i walked towards this the S.A cracked up laughing.

SOOOO CUTE! and stylish for my baby girl. rrp$700.
But it wasnt what i wanted in a pram, it was bulky, heavy, and wide.

Ive wanted a Strider since i found out i was pregnant. It's so modern and small and stylish. babydaddy wasnt to impressed with the height or the price though.

So i settled for the VeeBee Valco Navigator
Light weight, 3-wheeled, easy to use, not so wide and under $200.

The most expensive pram we saw cost $1800!!
It was HUGE - like the hummer of all prams.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

7 weeks of being a mummy

Daisy is seven weeks today which is crazily quick because im ALWAYS at home just taking care of her and myself and time stil flies. She does everything that is expected of her so im very glad that shes up to speed. She's still up every 3 hours for feed for about 2 hours and has a HUGE tantrum just before night time.
failed hair trim, mum in law was suppose to cut behind her ears - then went straight for the sideburns

Her one month party went off with a bang. So many people not enough food or plates. It was the first time my boyf and i planned a party and we were the worst! Running around like headless choooks, babydaddy was drunk halfway through, and Daisy got really frustrated coz she was tired. It was so hard to talk to guest and try to make them at home, good god.

As Parents: we honestly didnt buy much for her because we knew she would grow out of it or it would be useless. And money is tight when theres a mortgage to pay off. So blessed with gifts ( cot, clothes, etc). We only purchased, bathtub/changing table, pram, car seat, nappies - real basics

My boyf wasnt really involved during my pregnancy so naturally i panicked. For him it was the LONGEST waiting game, im so glad that when daisy arrived he was very hands on and playful with her. My sister in law said that he was very good at being a father like as if he had kids before. LOL I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED

Myself, im really enjoying it still, lol. It really was a bore being so heavily pregnant and only being able to be to stay between homes ( mine & bf) just in case she decided to pop. Now im at home ALL the time but i have a responsibility so im occupied at least.
she cracks me up everyday

Emotions of being a mummy: When my mum found out i was pregnant (4mths) she (naturally) went crazy. She was so angry she didnt even cry. She still not 100% still but she has slowly accepted it, and will accept it once i get married. Back then she said, now i can feel how any mother feels about her children. back then i said i can handle it and not to worry about me.

Its true, when i went to cut my hair ( took 3 hrs) i just worried about daisy. The first time daisy cried like crazy and i did everything i knew ( feed/diaper/cuddle/wash) and she still cried like crazy i just broke down and cried as well. no one was home - that moment hit me like a ton of bricks.

no one loves you like your own mum. no matter how rude i am, how much i disappoint, how much i hurt - she still loves me and helps when shes not working.

i miss my mum so much i miss home.
post patrum body: i gained just over 20kgs. got fucken done by stretch marks EVERYWHERE.
i hate the stretchmarks and i did use palmers & bio-oil thruout the pregnancy Oh well at least i have a healthy baby. i had a gut before and that gut is still here, waiting til daisy is 3 months then ill start working out. my diet is boring same thing w. rice and pork beef or fish and my mum in law always forgets to buy vegies but she remembers to go mounties everyday. Im breastfeeding still so i still have to watch what i eat.

i really want to eat 50% vegies 25% rice 25% meat/fish/chicken but its hard to go out and buy it w. no car. & a baby

this was w/in the first month, so glad i can shower!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daisy:4 w.o & shopping list


I cant believe that its been 4 weeks since she has arrived.

I def. took it one day at a time. She has breastfed the entire time and only wakes up once in the wee hours of the morning for two hours to feed. So ive been blessed in that sense *knock wood*

Honestly it hasnt been at all bad as they all make it seem - mostly because i didnt have to cook and prepare my meals. Even though it was the same food three times a day for 4 weeks straight. I still havent showered or wash my hair and my boyf say my hair smells REALLY bad. haha

Here's a list of products that have made life a little bit easier as a new mum.

Tommee Tippee 'closer to nature' Breast pump.
The teat is so much like the breast so my baby wasnt shocked by the change and this step is to slowly get her used to the bottle

Pop-up Container
So amazing! It just make the whole nappy changing part quicker and more efficient.

Huggies Newborn Nappies
BabyDaddy scored free nappies for one whole year which save a lot of $$ because this little monster uses about 108 in 2 weeks and one box is about $35 .

My mum in law think that im such a poshy bitch that wastes so much money uneccessarily - especially on nursing pads. idgaf - Nursing pads are a must! and 60 for $8.00 .. who cares!

These wipes ... so thick and large and gentle!

one of the few things thats good about being australian. this ointment

these cleansing wipes have been my showers for the last four weeks

i gained 20kgs during my whole pregnancy which is NOT ok. lol cant wait to lose the weight and the extra baggage (tyre) i had pre preggers.

Bardot's Scarlette Ankle Zip jeans $149.95

Bardot's Annika Jeans $169.95

Tony Bianco 'Don' $169.95 in Stone Lizard Nubuck & BlackLizard Nubuck

I usually HATE booties because of my calves but OMG these are TDF!

Tony Bianco 'Dodge' $ 169.95

Ive wanted Over The Knee boots since last winter, but it wasnt 'in' and it was very scarce and over priced. Now everyone is gunna be rocking in these boots in winter with leggings

Betts 'Josa' in Black Suede $119.99
( check out the price difference and the material used btwn betts and bianco)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Labour, Birth and Post Natal

neverr brought it up because my mum didnt want many people to know because im not married so it was the least i could do for her.

well well well
January 20th - 23rd: Had mild stomach cramps during the wee hoursof the morning

January 24th:
Had a 'show' in the morning.
Pick up my niece and nephew and spent the day shopping with them and had a big 10 course birthday dinner for my niece. Through out the whole day i had more painful cramps that came every 45mins to 1 hour. but i could still continue to shop and eat lol

January 25th : 1 30am tried to go to sleep but rising stomach aches kept coming and going this went one every few minutes and lasted for 10's secs.

230am started recording when stomach aches started and finished. Could no longer lie on my back so went on all fours and rocked til stomach ache finish.

330am Back ache kicked in with every stomach acheso had to walk around in room

430am Mum in law woke up and asked me if my stomach aches were every half an hour. My reply - ' no every few minutes'
mum-' GO HAVE A SHOWER ! You're going to give birth sooon!'
me' You sure??'
mum: YES!!

Proceeded to shower and washed my hair.
Went back up stairs and cont. getting cramps. Woke babydaddy at 510am and we headed off to the hosp.

520am arrived to hosp.

530am arrived to delivery ward where i got hooked up and fingered and got told i was 5cm dilated! * yay half way there*

Just lied in that main room for a while

6am: Into the delivery suite. Got hooked up again and then the pain began~!

Shooting backpain - most painful stomach aches - pelvic bone aching.

I was the biggest brat this entire 3 hours. i want him to hold my hand, then i didnt, then i wanted a blanky, then i didnt, then i want to hug him, then i didnt!

Midwife:"Do you want Gas"

730am my body just want to push but i held it in coz i didnt want to tear, but the midwife just sed to go ahead with it.

Contractions didnt seem to be lasting longer or as close together, maybe i was so gased up but every contraction i push.

I pushed wrong for half an hour ish because i didnt want to poo lol.


midwife:" keep pushing - i can see hair"
me *mind*: dont care - in pain

midwife:" Do you want a mirror?"
babydaddy:' Nah its ok;
midwife pulls out the full body mirror and puts it right infront of my vag.

I was so gased up and soooo in pain. I didnt have the motivation to push long and hard. i didnt care. i didnt want to look in the mirror. i kept saying i couldnt do it. Kept asking them to vacuum her out.

There was only 2 things that kept me going.
1) When the midwife said her heartrate was dropping.
2) Me: " i dont want her anymore" and baby daddy gave my the scariest glare, i think he saw the fear in my eyes.

Then i pushed like i was chucking the biggest dump in my life. Everything BURNED!!! when i was pushing. It was so exhausting.

853am: My crying - grey - GIRL was born. They put her on me while everything else came out. It felt so revolting when i looked at everything else coming, it was like taking a tampon out and feeling disgusted with yourself. I had a TEENY tear that wasnt worth stitches so YAY

She started crying and breathing and became red like a tomato. Babydaddy for really emotional. He is NEVER emotional and the entire time he was saying he was really proud of me and our daughter. Putting up with my brattiness.

Soon family came, and every one was saying how my daughter looks soo much like my mum. Its funny because my mother and i look NOTHING alike.

Baby got checked and weight while my mother showered me. omg so much blood.
baby healthy and perfect. Just what i wanted.

Daisy Cao
D.O.B 25th January 2010
T.O.B 0853am
Weight: 2.960kg
Length: 49 cm

Post- Natal: I was soooooo sore.
It feels like going for a hardcore gym session, then to work for 11 hrs with 1 break, then going to a rave. Without stretching.

It was so weird being a mum, doesnt seem real.
Husbands arent allowed to sleep over so the first night alone was hard. These was an asian midwife on duty that night and i asked her for help, and she said " Its your baby you do it yourself" like bitch hello, i just gave birth in the morning im fucken sore as hell, exhausted as fuck. It really had my tempers fired up but i just held it in and did it myself.

Every other midwife was wonderful, realy helpful, some were brutally honest but still provided me with a guideline. The asian ones didnt want to get off their ass and help. If you dont want to do your job properly - dont do it. I was really disappointed in that

i was in maternity ward for 3 days and 2 nights. i couldnt wait to go home. baby daddy came everyday to help out during visiting hours, my mum came everyday and showered me so i wouldnt get any infection.

Leaving the hosp, baby daddy was carrying all my bags and focused on bring the 4wd to when i got to the front door. mum in law took the baby and just walked right ahead - didnt even walk beside me so that was a big disappointment.

Im full Vietnamese, mum and mum in law are vietnamese as well sooooo i have to do that vietnamese thing.

No shower or washing hair
No fruit or soup or sour food or cold food
thitca kho" with heaps of pepper. rice and steam carrot.
Charcoal like crazy!

For one month

My baby girl - Daisy Cao

Day 4. i got the hang of breastfeeding. Daisy feeds longer .:. sleeps longer. Turns red when shes frustrated. Squeals like a girl. The greatest thing to happen to me and my boyfriend.

Will be back soon

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coin Laundry - Lisa Mitchell

Hello Kitty makeup bag from boyf. (toys'r'us)
MSF - By Candlelight
BYS "Kung Fu Blue" nailpolish. but i think its more a minty Green colour

Honestly, get the MSF, its worth paying for it. COZ Prestige Mineral baked blushes are similar but its the size of a 50c coin with a teeny dome and you're paying 22.50 for it. And the revlon ones, prices are only like $10-$15 cheaper than high end cosmetics so i dont bother.

Plus the MSF will last coz you only need a TEENY amount

Shiteous camera once again, but you can see the msf on my cheeks. Very light frosty pink with hints of gold. if you dont like it to frosty just 1 swipe of your hand over it will minimise the frost and you'll have a more pinky gold colour.

Honest to god: this was lazy face. i skipped the moisturising & primer - didnt set the foundation and look how shit my skin looks eEK! Lesson learnt.

barcelona eyes
QVS fake lashes
rimmel stay matte foundation
rimmels nude delight ls
msf by candlelight

My nails were from... friday evening. has not chipped coz i havent been doing house work.

I use BYS nailpolish cozz its cheap. When you do do house work it lasts like 4 days ( w/topcoat)

Youtubed how to do the leopard print nail art, left hand GREAT!, right hand ... looks like some had a seizure doin' it =/