Sunday, November 29, 2009

strictly beauty.

It's been a while. Havent done much makeupwise because i have my future brother in law's wedding on the 19th December and i want the clearest flawless skin possible! But that hasnt stopped me from purchasing items for the future.

Im still using bio-oil which has slightly even out my skin tone. Also using a prescribed cream called "Celestone" (which i used on my very occasional eczema breakout), on my face. my dry patches have almost disappeared.

and onto the purchases + things i use alot.

This is the latest foundation release from Rimmel.
Which i got for $6.20 ( because they hired some 13y.o to label the prices of the products and got it ALL wrong). but usually its $12.40 @priceline

This is the old packaging. My first foundation i ever bought.
Sheer to medium, or u can use alot and get great coverage. I dont set my foundation so i do get a bit oily. but i havent been turn off by this product because it doesnt look like a mask on me nor does it feel like one.

Finally picked up the other two duos from australis because they were 50% off so $6.oo @priceline
ROSY BRONZE: Matte bronze( i use for contour) and dark pink blush
SUNKISSED GLIMMER: shimmery no glittery bronze and light pink highlighter

You can barely see the pinks and thats how i like it (=
Must go easy with the sunkissed glimmer bronzer

Got meself the "nudest" shade of the new australis lipstick line.

Mambo: pinky nude. Makes me look dead
Nude delight: peach base nude.. makes me look pale

This is my favourite eye shadow colours
they just suit my yellow asian skin tone so well.

Flash eyes / On Location - Barcelona
@target for about $13 for a quad.

2:inner half lid
3:outer half lid
1:outereye socket
4:highlight and inner sockets

Whilst browsing at Target, i came across a new stand from Manicare.
its called Cosmetica. They have the basics of makeup brushes without being to expensive.

I picked up the Rounded Contour brush which is similar the MAC 219 brush (i dont own one but from pictures it must be a dupe) for $12.95
Difference being Mac is slightly skinnier and longer in terms of bristles. Well im definetely going to head back and get the 217 dupe.

picks up products wells
applies product very smoothly
blends well
exceptionally good for $12.95

Light weight .:. less control

I tried the egg whites and tissue mask. I LOVED how it was like i was paper mache-ing my face, peeling it off was so orgasmic! BUT it only half assed pull my blackheads halfway out =(

I havent tried these nose strips yet but review on yt have all been that its really worth the amount you're paying ($10.50 @priceline)

i have a love hate relationship with this. It does remove my make up thoroughly BUT dries me out hard. The best mu remover i've used was the lancome bi-facil but its sooooooo expensive, so yeh i just settled for this.

i had to sneak this in, my nephew ate everyones lemon at the dinner table.
My boyfriend got vouchers for not taking sick days from work for the whole of 08 so we went to a nice white people restuarant and ate 300$ worth of food. By white i mean the more than one utensil restuarant.

Its nice to eat out once in a while but i still love my chopsticks style food.

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  1. nice haul! you got me excited about the rimmel matte foundation for 6 bucks. coz i was wanting to try it if it was that cheap haha