Thursday, October 1, 2009

My haul without guilt

Its only spring here but its really is heating up. Sydney recently had a dust storm which EVERYONE had to update their fb status about haha i seriously thought it was the end of the days
. I refuse to wear bras and so these bikini bralettes are doing a fine job covering my tittays.

$15 down to $5 =D

Picked this up for vincent because he sleeps earlier than me and i HAVE to watch tv and be on online before bed and so this baby puts my baby straight to bed.

He's a rooster in the chinese zodiac thats why i got it for him - only realising later in the morning that it meant " COCK TEASE"
tehehe he so cute.

Blacktrack fluidline, lancome khol liner, angle brush ( purchased with set of 5 for $7), Heater curler (L) Rimmel mascara

My skin has been TERRIBLE, i got like patches of drought happening to my face. so i've stopped using foundation and creams on my face. Got back to using BIO-OIL. Hence just the eyes baby.

For something thats made in South Africa, you'd think it would be cheaper. but no. 200 ml for $33.90, ive been using it daily so hopefully some results soon.


On another different note. My tv shows for the season =)

Loved this since day 1.
i LOVE glee, im so happy they're on for the entire season
Gossip Girl, surprising picks up well even thought i didnt watch S2. i cant wait for Duff action, she is such a good person.
two and a half men! Only started watching this a year ago. Love watching reruns and watch jake grow!
Desperate Housewives, loved this from day one as well.
I was bearing with The beautiful life, i would have still beared with it for an entire season but it got the axe after 2 episodes. Fail man.

And the hills, watching this 20 minute show of a bunch of dumbasses getting paid 40k- 100k per episode fml.

ahhh story of my life..

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