Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More shopping =) &tagged

Hello Kitty bag(fake). SOOO Big , great for my almost daily sleepover at my boyf. house
The Bed sheets and (left) cushion are authentic Sanrio.

blacktrack fluid line , greasepaintstick

MAC Style Black.
I was looking forward to this collection however I only got the greasepaint stick though.

Honestly, GET the greasepaint stick. it is worth that entire $38!

I have oily eyelids after a few hours of application of anything. the MUA promised me the fluidline wont budge, but it does everytime. But the greasestick barely budges, keeps its purple tinge after hours. i will def. get a greasepaint stick when they come in plain black.

i wanted Young Punk but that sold out. Also the volcanic skin stuff but im already using neutrogena Skinclearing cleanser/mask which has Salicylic Acid + Natural Clay Mineral

Everytime i use this (once a week) im always shocked at how hot and minty it feels. I always feel clean because of the heat from this product. and its only about $15. So this is hot enough i dont think i can handle the "volcanic"ness from the MAC.

Cute charm bracelet from diva for $5.

Python clutch/handbag $20 from Forever New
clutch/handbag $2.00 from Vinnies.

MINKPINK off the shoulder top $20.

SES Dress $8


Tagged by the very cute Jo
Rules: Tell your 10 facts about me and then tag 10 great blogs that i love to read:

1. Born and bred in Sydney Australia in Asian suburbs mainly dominated by Viets.
2. i have been in foster care for about 2 months of my life at about 11 years old when my mum was really ill.
3. im still working at my first job. Butchers salesgirl.
4. I've never had hairlength above my shoulders
5. The most expensive thing i own are my braces, $3500. lol still counts
6. im an absolute pansy, i cant stand up for myself. For example, if a friend borrows my purse for an occasion but still hasnt returned it in a month i wont say anything. and when she does return it - it's damaged in someway, i still wont say anything. lol its not a good quality.
7. I've always been reluctant to spend big on clothing because my mum used to sew for a living-making less than $5 a garment. It didnt and still doesnt justify to me why clothes were being sold a gazillion times more than the cost of production.

8. when i got into makeup, i was so over the top. concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, liner, falsies.
Now im taking a step back, and focusing on my skin care and just emphasising my eyes. Sleeping more hours has improved my overall skintone, less bags. Drinking more milk has made my whole body feel smoother, milia has reduced dramatically.

9. i loved sport during my highschool years, mainly because it was group activity and competitive. I just can't have fun on the crosstrainer, treadmill, bicycle at the gym.

10. i cant remember the last time i said i love you to my mum. its just weird to say it, so i think the things i do for her will show.

Im not going to tagg anyone, but here are my favourite 10 blogs.

always a good read
a bit of erotica
i've been reading her blog since highschool, always a good read
jmag coz about $14 in aust. So DOWNLOAD!
because australia LAGS
me and my bf love this site.
always a great site to kill time
coz i love nicole richie
one of the first makeup blog i read, and shes so cool.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My haul without guilt

Its only spring here but its really is heating up. Sydney recently had a dust storm which EVERYONE had to update their fb status about haha i seriously thought it was the end of the days
. I refuse to wear bras and so these bikini bralettes are doing a fine job covering my tittays.

$15 down to $5 =D

Picked this up for vincent because he sleeps earlier than me and i HAVE to watch tv and be on online before bed and so this baby puts my baby straight to bed.

He's a rooster in the chinese zodiac thats why i got it for him - only realising later in the morning that it meant " COCK TEASE"
tehehe he so cute.

Blacktrack fluidline, lancome khol liner, angle brush ( purchased with set of 5 for $7), Heater curler (L) Rimmel mascara

My skin has been TERRIBLE, i got like patches of drought happening to my face. so i've stopped using foundation and creams on my face. Got back to using BIO-OIL. Hence just the eyes baby.

For something thats made in South Africa, you'd think it would be cheaper. but no. 200 ml for $33.90, ive been using it daily so hopefully some results soon.


On another different note. My tv shows for the season =)

Loved this since day 1.
i LOVE glee, im so happy they're on for the entire season
Gossip Girl, surprising picks up well even thought i didnt watch S2. i cant wait for Duff action, she is such a good person.
two and a half men! Only started watching this a year ago. Love watching reruns and watch jake grow!
Desperate Housewives, loved this from day one as well.
I was bearing with The beautiful life, i would have still beared with it for an entire season but it got the axe after 2 episodes. Fail man.

And the hills, watching this 20 minute show of a bunch of dumbasses getting paid 40k- 100k per episode fml.

ahhh story of my life..