Saturday, September 5, 2009

my love story

Met online.
Met up.
Dated for a long time before becoming official
hurt and heartache was unavoidable

mossimo bra does wonders ;) + my arms lol

its funny how when we used to see each other on the weekend we prettied ourselves up, now we just float on the boat and dont give a rats arse.

Sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have just stop being with him but i know i have it good now.


This is completely off topic.
I know the economy is still shiteous but seriously. I got a chocolate milk carton from woolies and then went to Michels patisseri and asked for a straw. Salesperson didnt give me the straw becuz i didnt buy anything from them. ITS A STRAW.

Fuck i feel bad because at work ive been giving away coola bags and marinade bottles and eggs like crazy!

P.s how nice is the grand angus from maccas ?? * rubs belly*

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