Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gold digging at its best.

My boyfriend FINALLY took me to a very well deserved shopping spree.

All were a bargain (:

Dotti Square dress (?)
$79.95 to $9.95

Dotti Snake skin mini dress
$49.95 to $9.95

Dotti Empire Dress
$79.95 to $9.95

Another HK top $20.00

Barkins sandals $19.95 each

I love these so much, other place would rrp it $60 ++

Hello Kitty hoodie
$39.95 to $20.00

Then he got me hungry jacks whopper and chocolate milk (;

See im simple, even when he says get anything you want, ill still be tight arse about it.
Paid for my car rego and ctp, braces (lol), laptop.

i only kid when i say he's a rich old boyfriend. He's 8 years my senior but has accomplished so much more than i will ever achieve at his age. Love you babe, it was very nice spending the day with you (;


It's sooooo hot i can't wait til winter!


  1. thanks for the link i think i may have to check their shop out sometime. it's just a bit of a trek haha.

    oh and funny thing about kmart, their bourjois items were mixed in with the prestige so i assumed they were 5 bucks each, next day, went to get more, and found out they were only supposed to be marked down to 10 bucks. but it's ok since it's buy 3 get cheapest free.

  2. hey D.
    is that HK hoodie authentic sanrio? if so, where did ya get it from? thanks

    and oh i tag you!

  3. I'm gonna check out jayjays thanks! I heard it's coming out sometime this October. Can't wait for it as well as th dsquared