Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gold digging at its best.

My boyfriend FINALLY took me to a very well deserved shopping spree.

All were a bargain (:

Dotti Square dress (?)
$79.95 to $9.95

Dotti Snake skin mini dress
$49.95 to $9.95

Dotti Empire Dress
$79.95 to $9.95

Another HK top $20.00

Barkins sandals $19.95 each

I love these so much, other place would rrp it $60 ++

Hello Kitty hoodie
$39.95 to $20.00

Then he got me hungry jacks whopper and chocolate milk (;

See im simple, even when he says get anything you want, ill still be tight arse about it.
Paid for my car rego and ctp, braces (lol), laptop.

i only kid when i say he's a rich old boyfriend. He's 8 years my senior but has accomplished so much more than i will ever achieve at his age. Love you babe, it was very nice spending the day with you (;


It's sooooo hot i can't wait til winter!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heartless - Kris Allen

[exclaimer:I'm not a good cook - i burn things just reheating.]

Whipped these pancakes up on wednesday night with my little brother.
Can NEVER get them perfect! When i flip them over it - the mixture just oozes everywhere

It was real cheap to make as well.

Strawberries $3.50 a punnet
Whipped Cream $ 4.00
Pancake mix $3.15
Butter Milk $2.50

Went crazy with the cream coz we dont eat it often and it would go to waste.

Just a simple look for Steak on Thursday night. Because red meat is good for you =)

And then a saturday night sleep over.

He is such a freaking cutie pie of cuteness!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

my love story

Met online.
Met up.
Dated for a long time before becoming official
hurt and heartache was unavoidable

mossimo bra does wonders ;) + my arms lol

its funny how when we used to see each other on the weekend we prettied ourselves up, now we just float on the boat and dont give a rats arse.

Sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have just stop being with him but i know i have it good now.


This is completely off topic.
I know the economy is still shiteous but seriously. I got a chocolate milk carton from woolies and then went to Michels patisseri and asked for a straw. Salesperson didnt give me the straw becuz i didnt buy anything from them. ITS A STRAW.

Fuck i feel bad because at work ive been giving away coola bags and marinade bottles and eggs like crazy!

P.s how nice is the grand angus from maccas ?? * rubs belly*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missing you - BEP

If she can't keep her legs closed when you're out of town, she don't deserve your love.

You shouldnt have fallen for her so hard when she was cheating on her boyfriend with you.

If they can cheat with you, dont be surprised when they cheat on you.