Thursday, August 27, 2009


[edit] Just so the handful anonymous comments can take a deep sigh of relief, im going to credit people lol even if they dont really care and think they dont deserve it.

Eyes : Japanese mag "EGG" May 09 issue page 99 ( dl from livejournal )
and Eki's tutorial (HERE) i follow her blogspot.
Lips: Just Rimmel's nude delight
Blush: Prestige bronzer used instead
Hair: Cassie ( not game enough to shave) and Annie Nguyen ,im her friend on facebook so i get to be one of the first to see her photos ^^.

One of the few rules has always been
1: if you have heavy eye makeup on, go easy on the lips vice versa.
2: Dont show too much skin, keep it legs OR chest / arms.

simple and drama free and exhale and live [/edit]
Its been a while

my forehead looks sooo big but its only a four finger forehead.

She is just the cutest of all pies

such a bitch though, the first time she met me she asked my boyfriend

" why is she still here?"

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