Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful - Akon

i apologize for the absence, recession hitting my ass and i havent spent money since those heels. Therefore i have NOTHING to post up as evidence to the damage. Pretty much half my pay goes to rent, which leaves me with 200 and i gotta cover food and savings and full price public transport. =(

I really miss the days when i was loaded. i made $400+ per week, $230 a fortnite from Govt. Half price public transport, life was GREAT. i hate being old!

Anyways, been trying to play around with makeup when im on my study breaks. Usually i just wack on eyeliner mascara, and blush when im out. But at home i love going all out! AHAH i remember a few weeks back, i got a PM from someone on Myspace, and they offered me to model for them and i had a look at their website and its was ... lingerie modeling [ which my body type ( getting to comfortable in her relationship) is not suitable] So i msged back and asked if i could do hair and makeup... never heard from him since.LOL

This would be so fun for fashion shows.

^ Thats Virgin Kiss on its own.

^^ Two fake eye lashes used.
pink, blue, plum, black e/s used

^Study Break!!

I cannot wait until the 24th June Finals are going to be over and done with!

Alright, Current Affair shizzaz.

"Woman who missed doomed Air France flight 477 killed in car crash"

How fucked up is that shit!?! Final Destination man!!!


  1. wowww thats a very different looK! i like it!

    and ive heard of that air france flight too! it gave me goosebumps!! lol

  2. i feel you on that one about having to pay FULL price on EVERYTHING. it costs almost $5 to get to the city from my place. might as well drive but then again petrol these days are so expensive. might as well walk! lol

    i went into pets paradise 2 weeks ago and asked if they sell chow chows, the SA didn't tell me much, just that they're hard to take care of' lol. how helpful was she.

  3. i read your previous post about irresponsible parents. that makes my blood boil too. like.. if youre gonna be irresponsible, why have kids? god.. i feel sorry for them kids :(

    $400 a week? damn.. what job is that??