Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tequila Patron - Paradiso Girls

i was hooked on this song when i heard it on my friends mix tape. Which you can dl HERE. I've started being fascinated with djs since yr 9, for a moment i wanted to be a dj LOL. I put it aside because of the cost of buying material. I still do appreciate dj's when im at club, watching them do magic with their fingers.
It annoys the SHIT out of me when people say the dj is "shit" because she/he doesnt play good / their favourite song.

Also i've finally finished my exams and will now have more time to do updates and stuffers.
I've also been allowed to work a fair bit more than usual which meant more money for stocktake sales :D:D:D

Hello Kitty $20.oo :D
(jay jays)

Bench tee: $9
Nude Lucy tee: $9

I picked up this Loreal GlamBronze in " Harmonie Blondes" It is THE BEST! i grabbed it for $2.00!! Its a bit darker in real life but heaps suits my skintone.

Found my NUDE lippie. Rimmel's "Nude Delight" most definetely is a delight for only $14.00!
On the right is MaxFactors "UV Fusion" i grabbed it for $1.00. It looks like a fug colour but its actually hot stuff when swatched

Mix the two together & i get this perfect shade of pink that suits me.

My daily face, very quick coz im lazy as shiet.


top row: MAC "bronze". Prestige Mineral Bronzer. Loreals Glam Bronze
bottom row: Australia Duo contour. Modelista bronzer. Modelista Bronzer in Face Book.

MAC: Hate it. The lighting in the department store makes everything look beautiful. Waste of $35.00 (Myers)

Prestige: love it. Swept gently for a nice little bit more than subtle shimmer. Dont go crazy with this otherwise you'll look like a disco ball. $30.00 ( Kmart)

Loreal GlamBronze: LOVES IT! minimal shimmers, suits me. BEST FREAKING $2.00 sucky sucky spent!

Australis duo: its suppose to be for contouring, but i just mix the two and use it as blush. Pretty good $10( Target,Kmart,BigW)

Modelista: SHIT, doesnt even show up

Modelista face book: Its really good if you know how to blend it in properly because this is surprisingly pigmented and comparable to Nars Laguna i rekon.

I am going to stop buying bronzers from now on.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful - Akon

i apologize for the absence, recession hitting my ass and i havent spent money since those heels. Therefore i have NOTHING to post up as evidence to the damage. Pretty much half my pay goes to rent, which leaves me with 200 and i gotta cover food and savings and full price public transport. =(

I really miss the days when i was loaded. i made $400+ per week, $230 a fortnite from Govt. Half price public transport, life was GREAT. i hate being old!

Anyways, been trying to play around with makeup when im on my study breaks. Usually i just wack on eyeliner mascara, and blush when im out. But at home i love going all out! AHAH i remember a few weeks back, i got a PM from someone on Myspace, and they offered me to model for them and i had a look at their website and its was ... lingerie modeling [ which my body type ( getting to comfortable in her relationship) is not suitable] So i msged back and asked if i could do hair and makeup... never heard from him since.LOL

This would be so fun for fashion shows.

^ Thats Virgin Kiss on its own.

^^ Two fake eye lashes used.
pink, blue, plum, black e/s used

^Study Break!!

I cannot wait until the 24th June Finals are going to be over and done with!

Alright, Current Affair shizzaz.

"Woman who missed doomed Air France flight 477 killed in car crash"

How fucked up is that shit!?! Final Destination man!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Club Havana

Went to Club Havana on Friday night to celebrate 3 birthdays. They play hip-hop, rnb and house. They have four podiums ( YAY!) and i think 2 bars. Heaps of lounges and asians.

And let the photos roll.

Diana Emily Cassandra

Tina, Sophea, Jenet, Cass, Emily, Diana, Tasha

Tasha wanted to take this type of photo because the leopard print. . .

Meet the sexiest butcher girls you'll ever meet.

Dirty Mirror Dirty Diana =p

I am not drunk. Its her blinding flash!

Finally some girl on girl action!

Stupid asshole clapper.. . . . . !
Well makeup was minimal.

Eyes consist of only black eye shadow til the crease line. (modelista)
Fake lashes by Model 2.1
Rimmel Foundation in Soft Beige
Prestige Mineral Bronzer.

Slutatious dress from TEMT for only $15.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ugly things in life.

  • Today i went with mum to Cabramatta Library so she can borrow some books to occupy herself at the hospital because my clumsy little brother popped his knee out of place during the high jump jog and now he just had the operation to put his knee cap back in place at 9am today. ( He was there 3pm the afternoon yeasterday AND we do have private health insurance!)

    On the way there when we stopped at the red light, i notice this older man (40's-50's) by himself, just standing at the pathway picking his nose. Alrite dress, clean shave, hair brushed. Didnt give much thought to him.

    About five minutes later, mum found parking and we both walked to the library. i slowed down when i got at the entrance path of the library.

    That same man was on his knees, with a thin carboard chip container scraping up the shredded carrots of the ground and eating it.

    I proceeded because i didnt bring any cash on me ( Every time i see those homeless men at Cabramatta i alway go to the sweet cake shop and buy them a bun of something).

    When we left the library, the ground was clean, he ate every single piece of the carrot.

    I saw him again when i got to the car , there he was lighting up a cigarette and carrying a bag of small things i couldnt see.

    Its fucking weird. How someone can afford to buy things and cigs, but scrap carrot of the ground that someone else dropped out of their porkroll.

  • i get junkie customers come in, wanting pork ribs and shit themselves over a $12 rack for their kids and dont end up buying it. Yet they can spend their last cent on drugs and cigs and alcohol.

  • My boyf. knows of MEN/ Fathers that have no problem gambling, shouting their friends' drinks and taxi rides but when they take their children out, they pack their kids sandwiches and fruit drinks so they dont have to buy the kid anything except for entrance fee.

  • Mothers that date guys and take recreational drugs on weekends, designer handbags when their children eat packet noodles on a daily basis and fend for themselves. Some even gave their own children to their GRANDparents fulltime so that SHE can live a happy life with their new boyfriend.

  • Fathers that refuse to take in their own daughter because his new wife doesnt want her living with her.

    Some adults are so fucked - makes my blood boil.

    Im just glad my mother doesnt date and my dad has completely stayed out of my life after the divorce. =)