Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Belong To Me - Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is just the most adorablest person. A supa nice girl with a endless talent. Some may say she's boring, but i think shes a wonderful role model for kids and shes only 3 months younger than me. Absolute Doll!

^ Photo was taken (after i put my face on to see my boyfriend) after a MAJOR DRUNK ASS friday night at a work friends house with the work gang there. We ate, drank and played jumprope with the jacuzzi and the ice cold swimming pool. Broke too many wine glasses and drank a wee bit to much tequilla.haha i dont even know how i managed to get from my bikini to my underwear ( the right way as well) skinny leg jeans then from my jeans to my trackies. Skilled Drunk =D

Wear my boyfriends heart around my neck Dark and precious.

. Im surprised my lipgloss shows up. Its only revlon and my lips are quite dark.

Say YES to sex hair without the sex.

The MAC Bronzer isnt as pigmented as i first tried it on. Even the Modelista Bronzer is more pigmented and thats like only $8!

Im using the top brush with the white topping called airbrush/ stippling brush by QVS ( $17). Its for foundation but i use it for blush. Dupe of MAC 187

- High quality hair extremely soft
- cheap
- versatile. blush / mineral foundation brush
- Does not shed

- Light weight, therefore less control
- FAILS with liquid foundation (cakey cakey cakey YUK)
- Only one size

i freaking love photobucket.


  1. you're looking very cute in your photos D and your skin in the first pic is FLAWLESS

    and i too use the MAC 187 (from the colorforms range) to apply blush :)

  2. I'm jealous of you and your long hair. Spill your secrets! I wanna get my hair that long, but for some reason I can't :(

  3. you have such super luscious lips! hott

  4. I love your makeup =) seeing other people's make up posts makes me wish I was better! And I love Taylor Swift too hehe just did a post on her You Belong with me video!!

  5. hahah i love sex hair without the sex too! lol

  6. cute photos and I too like the song you belong to me by Taylor Swift. =)

  7. Wow you´re SO hot!!!
    ANd your hair is gorgous, I wished my hair would be long and full like yours!:)

  8. girl you are very very pretty!!! :) i envy you!
    yeah, 1st meeting with my bf who lives in nz. hehe.. pretty far but oh well. better than nothing i guess. hehehe

  9. DAMN you're gorgeous!!!! Say YES to sex hair without the sex. LOL that is so gotta be a girls motto!

  10. Haha, really Lauren was made to watch, HA! I imagine she was very "impressed"... not! I'll have to find that one one YouTube!!!!

  11. haha i know what u mean. they are addictive! the me2u bears always tempt me. theyre my fave bears!

    btw is that girl ashlee vee looks so much like u.