Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding Bliss, 19th and CEO Karoke + Random

A very young happy couple. They've been together for about 5 years and have the most adorablest daughter. Congratulations Dinh and Jenet.

After TOO much Henessey.

Andy, coolest guy i know since year 3.

My tower Cassandra. Dont under estimate this girl. She broke another bitches nose in one punch. I dont want her to go to the navy!!

I cant smile in the braces!!

Bushes Meat! and a beautiful Italian Bakers Delight. Yep, the One in the black dress, a little 17 y.o prancing around in J-Lo heel that are GORGEOUS!

Tina Diana Emily.

I actually feel drunk just looking at that picture!

The wedding was huge! Henessey on every table. All the Cambodians danced and the dance steps were easy! The viets dance when cha cha was on. Food was devine. They played hard trance. . . which made it the more awesomer.

Barvarian Bier Cafe

A german restuarant/bar. I dont recommend going there again. My scotch fillet was the same standard as going to a pub. Service was superb though and the waiting isnt that long.

CEO Karoke.

Beautiful architectually the place was Henessey'ed up!. So many rooms, updated music. We booked one a wee bit to small. We met the Security guard earlier on the train ride what a coincidence. He was such a funny cunt, when we were in the area of Redfern, where abos/ Indigenous Aust. live he told us to hold onto out shoes LOL!!! He moved a seat on the train to let some poor old lady have a seat, then she started preaching to him about god. hahA
Such a funny cunt. But he was very bored working because nothing happened (eg: Fights)
My individual conversation with him was like.

Diana: Is there alot of asian gangsta there and fights
Security: Sometimes
Diana: Over drugs and money aye?
Security: Yeh money
Diana: Typical asian, fighting about who's paying
Security: Yeh
Diana: Bloody tight arse asians

It took everyone ages to understand it. But me and him laughed our asses off, so it counts. =D

I have no idea what's going on with my hair there ! ^ Love how my skin looks =)

A few missing people, but yes a group photo.^

^HAHAHAHA i think he found love in my face! Oooh yeah, Prestige Skin Loving Minerals (L)

^Diana Thanh Joe Thuy Jason at Tank a while back.

I look like a love doll. =/

^Taken at Canley Vale Station.

^Loving winged eye and pretty pink lips.

^ Mineral Foundation like stated before.

I honestly dont know what my skin tone is, i really should head down to MAC and go bananas.

Alright that was about 2 weeks into one post. Im so busy and with final exams in like 4 weeks, ill only do little pops here and there. Take care everyone.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Yah, the girls at MAC are super nice about color matching the perfect foundation to your skin tone :) Self control over going bananas is my motto when I goto MAC!!