Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's not fair - Lily Allen

This song has been on repeat for some time. Love the lyrics because i believe that sex should be fantastical.

I havent spent crazy dollars as of late, because im trying to save up for my car, holiday and finally wedding. Say what? Yeah wedding, i dont want him to have to pay for it entirely because its our wedding and im not a mail-order bride!

Today i went with my bro in law (to-be) and his fiancee and others to pick out her wedding dress.
I eyed one out because it was beautiful, i liked the style personally and then she tried it on and loved it. . .

It fit her so well! then there was a newer yet similar design to the 1st dress and ..

It was perfect, not to OTT, not to plain. Just gotta get it altered and i nearly cried!

And she got it! The 2nd dress she tried on and it was made for her! Lucky bride to be!

Im the bridesmaid and i am SO MUCH fussier than she is and it aint even my wedding =/
Well since thats her wedding dress which is like EXACTLY what i like. Im going to have change my wedding dress style.

I got my self some bitchen new (stripper) heels. i love love love them.

5 inches of pleasure and pain.

MAC's a ROSE Romance was release on Monday. As well as Double Dazzle

I picked up Virgin Kiss lipgloss for $35.
It is soooooooooo sticky and has 3d glitter pieces + shimmer. So after the gloss has worn out, you have silver shimmer on your lips. YUK. I also feel like, it runs out quickly. .

After this, im never getting another lipgloss from MAC, Revlon Lustrous lipgloss shits all over it. You can get 3 revs OR 1 mac.

And having said that, def. not getting any of the Double Dazzles lipglosses $42 !!!! no thanks - i might as well throw in another $20 and get a G-Star tee. Bloody NARS lipglosses are like $75 ( thats like a pair of Bardot jeans [ if u know where to shop ;) ] !) so many raves about it and such sexi names.

Loving these outfits.

And i have no more homework so now i can STUDY for my finals. Next week is just lectures and then 2 weeks to plan how to commit suicide, but dont hold traffic up


  1. That is a beautiful wedding dress.
    I luv heels 4"+ and those are some hot heels you got. =)

  2. 50% off everything ? wow im pretty bummed . .

    love the dress . and love the heels . they look ultra painful haha . have fun in them :D

    and just reading down your other posts .. where the hell can you find $75 bardot jeans =(

    and youre so pretty . !


  3. Awww, good eye for a pretty dress. I wish you lots of luck for your own wedding dress, but you probably already have an idea how you want yours :P

    LOVE the stripper shoes! 5 inches = a killer...

  4. oh my those heels look higher than 5" be careful on them!

  5. oh the dress looks so godo on her. :) and wow those heels look like they're deadly haha. ready to stomp on some people heh.

  6. beautiful dress!and those sandals look killerrrr!