Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's not fair - Lily Allen

This song has been on repeat for some time. Love the lyrics because i believe that sex should be fantastical.

I havent spent crazy dollars as of late, because im trying to save up for my car, holiday and finally wedding. Say what? Yeah wedding, i dont want him to have to pay for it entirely because its our wedding and im not a mail-order bride!

Today i went with my bro in law (to-be) and his fiancee and others to pick out her wedding dress.
I eyed one out because it was beautiful, i liked the style personally and then she tried it on and loved it. . .

It fit her so well! then there was a newer yet similar design to the 1st dress and ..

It was perfect, not to OTT, not to plain. Just gotta get it altered and i nearly cried!

And she got it! The 2nd dress she tried on and it was made for her! Lucky bride to be!

Im the bridesmaid and i am SO MUCH fussier than she is and it aint even my wedding =/
Well since thats her wedding dress which is like EXACTLY what i like. Im going to have change my wedding dress style.

I got my self some bitchen new (stripper) heels. i love love love them.

5 inches of pleasure and pain.

MAC's a ROSE Romance was release on Monday. As well as Double Dazzle

I picked up Virgin Kiss lipgloss for $35.
It is soooooooooo sticky and has 3d glitter pieces + shimmer. So after the gloss has worn out, you have silver shimmer on your lips. YUK. I also feel like, it runs out quickly. .

After this, im never getting another lipgloss from MAC, Revlon Lustrous lipgloss shits all over it. You can get 3 revs OR 1 mac.

And having said that, def. not getting any of the Double Dazzles lipglosses $42 !!!! no thanks - i might as well throw in another $20 and get a G-Star tee. Bloody NARS lipglosses are like $75 ( thats like a pair of Bardot jeans [ if u know where to shop ;) ] !) so many raves about it and such sexi names.

Loving these outfits.

And i have no more homework so now i can STUDY for my finals. Next week is just lectures and then 2 weeks to plan how to commit suicide, but dont hold traffic up

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sorry i cant believe in love the way you hoped me too.

My mum is so special so strong.

She came to Australia with no family only friends.
She walked away with only the clothes on her back and her daughter ( my step sister) from a relationship where the man was only into gambling and girls. She walked away from that relationship when the wedding invitations were being printed!

She put up with so much bad mouthing from my dads side because she already had a child. (my dad already had a son as well- double standard thing)
She had me and my little brother with this man, and he left for a young Vietnamese girl when my bro was 2.
She got 30k from the divorce settlement which she has managed to survive on for 8 years. While getting single parent pay and sewing for a few bucks per garment which end up being retailed for hundreds of dollars.

Its only been recently that shes opened up to me about her past because she doesnt want me to repeat her mistakes. With me sleeping over my boyfriend and spending SO MUCH time with him. Shes so scared ill get pregnant without a marriage or even worse become a single mum.

Ive taken it upon myself to pay the rent and go halves on the bills. i'd rather be there financially because i hate getting all emotional. That my brothers job.

I love you mummy.
-Hope you're proud of me.
-Because im looking after you ever since i left highschool whilst still studying.
-Sorry for the pain caused by everyone.
-Sorry your oldest isnt looking after you like you hoped.
-Sorry i cant believe in love the way you hoped me too.
-Hope you're happy and content for now more will come along the way.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Belong To Me - Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is just the most adorablest person. A supa nice girl with a endless talent. Some may say she's boring, but i think shes a wonderful role model for kids and shes only 3 months younger than me. Absolute Doll!

^ Photo was taken (after i put my face on to see my boyfriend) after a MAJOR DRUNK ASS friday night at a work friends house with the work gang there. We ate, drank and played jumprope with the jacuzzi and the ice cold swimming pool. Broke too many wine glasses and drank a wee bit to much tequilla.haha i dont even know how i managed to get from my bikini to my underwear ( the right way as well) skinny leg jeans then from my jeans to my trackies. Skilled Drunk =D

Wear my boyfriends heart around my neck Dark and precious.

. Im surprised my lipgloss shows up. Its only revlon and my lips are quite dark.

Say YES to sex hair without the sex.

The MAC Bronzer isnt as pigmented as i first tried it on. Even the Modelista Bronzer is more pigmented and thats like only $8!

Im using the top brush with the white topping called airbrush/ stippling brush by QVS ( $17). Its for foundation but i use it for blush. Dupe of MAC 187

- High quality hair extremely soft
- cheap
- versatile. blush / mineral foundation brush
- Does not shed

- Light weight, therefore less control
- FAILS with liquid foundation (cakey cakey cakey YUK)
- Only one size

i freaking love photobucket.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss Independent - Neyo

I hate having time to spare before uni starts, because i buy soo much things.

Prestige skin loving Minerals in Fair. $27.95
Rimmel Infinite Lights in "Light Hearted" $5.80
Revlon Super Lustrous LE Lipgloss in
Tickled Pink: Clear gloss with magenta shimmer $9.95
Bare Essentials: sheer peach with orange pink shimmer $9.95
MAC Bronzing powder in " Bronze" $39.00
BYS Long Kabuki Brush. $7.95
It's very soft like MAC but i know in the long run it will shed.

Gstar Raw hoodie. $189.99 down to $89.99 YAY
Last white one in small from GLUE Parramatta

PSLM Foundation 'Fair'
MaxFactor Masterpiece glide & define liquid eyeliner
Model21 Faux Lashes '9'
Concealer on lips with Revlon 'Tickled Pink' lipgloss
MAC Bronzer 'Bronze'

Its getting so cold in Sydney.

Cold means i get lazy, no shaving unless im going out

I dont get all much out of clothes either, usually jeans and jumper ++. I actually look like a fat ball of turd in the amount of layers i wear to keep warm, i dont know how those other girls wear stockings with mini skirts and summer dresses, a light cardigan and scarf. ARENT YOU FREAKING COLD???? i know you dont have super powers to stay heated!!

I really should be studying for final exams, but then i get distracted.

When im at uni im on facebook playing sketch, watching tv shows HERE.

im so going to fail fail fail!


TOday was the first time my boyfriend let me ride with him on his motorbike. It was so scary going 0-90 km/hr on the Cumberland Highway. I feel most comfortable going 60 km/h which is granny speed to him haha.

It may seem like nothing but to me it is a very significant step to our relationship, He's only let like a few very special girlfriends on his bike and now im one of them, and hopefully the last. He loves his bike more than me, i know that and i've accepted it. Im not going to try to make me his number one priority like i did with my ex.

Which leads me to an interesting taxi ride home from my friends 19th. The taxi ride consist of myself, terence Josh and my ex. I think that was the first time we talked properly since he broke up with me which was about 3 years ago. Just to break it down and my lesson learnt. Even if i didnt know the truth, its really bugged him keeping things away from me. No wonder he was so aggro which could have subsequently turned me into a mega bitch. Like i said " Honestly, i dont remember how the relationship was" its true, it probably does mean nothing to me.

I dont want to make the same mistakes with my current boyfriend, i think thats why im so submissive and that i dont really expect much from him. I just want him to be there with me, not to work too much that he's tired when he gets home. I dont want us to be rich, have a massive house and have no affection and love between us. If we're poor, eating rice with eggs everyday, counting every silver coin we make just to make ends meet and have a committed happy honest relationship, thats all i want. It's all i want.

These photo were taken so long ago, when we were skinny haha now we just eat at 1030pm then have a quickie and go to sleep.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding Bliss, 19th and CEO Karoke + Random

A very young happy couple. They've been together for about 5 years and have the most adorablest daughter. Congratulations Dinh and Jenet.

After TOO much Henessey.

Andy, coolest guy i know since year 3.

My tower Cassandra. Dont under estimate this girl. She broke another bitches nose in one punch. I dont want her to go to the navy!!

I cant smile in the braces!!

Bushes Meat! and a beautiful Italian Bakers Delight. Yep, the One in the black dress, a little 17 y.o prancing around in J-Lo heel that are GORGEOUS!

Tina Diana Emily.

I actually feel drunk just looking at that picture!

The wedding was huge! Henessey on every table. All the Cambodians danced and the dance steps were easy! The viets dance when cha cha was on. Food was devine. They played hard trance. . . which made it the more awesomer.

Barvarian Bier Cafe

A german restuarant/bar. I dont recommend going there again. My scotch fillet was the same standard as going to a pub. Service was superb though and the waiting isnt that long.

CEO Karoke.

Beautiful architectually the place was Henessey'ed up!. So many rooms, updated music. We booked one a wee bit to small. We met the Security guard earlier on the train ride what a coincidence. He was such a funny cunt, when we were in the area of Redfern, where abos/ Indigenous Aust. live he told us to hold onto out shoes LOL!!! He moved a seat on the train to let some poor old lady have a seat, then she started preaching to him about god. hahA
Such a funny cunt. But he was very bored working because nothing happened (eg: Fights)
My individual conversation with him was like.

Diana: Is there alot of asian gangsta there and fights
Security: Sometimes
Diana: Over drugs and money aye?
Security: Yeh money
Diana: Typical asian, fighting about who's paying
Security: Yeh
Diana: Bloody tight arse asians

It took everyone ages to understand it. But me and him laughed our asses off, so it counts. =D

I have no idea what's going on with my hair there ! ^ Love how my skin looks =)

A few missing people, but yes a group photo.^

^HAHAHAHA i think he found love in my face! Oooh yeah, Prestige Skin Loving Minerals (L)

^Diana Thanh Joe Thuy Jason at Tank a while back.

I look like a love doll. =/

^Taken at Canley Vale Station.

^Loving winged eye and pretty pink lips.

^ Mineral Foundation like stated before.

I honestly dont know what my skin tone is, i really should head down to MAC and go bananas.

Alright that was about 2 weeks into one post. Im so busy and with final exams in like 4 weeks, ill only do little pops here and there. Take care everyone.