Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im at my boyfriends place because my net is at it Max capacity at home.

I have worked WAY to much on this group assignment and i so believe my contribution is enough.

Here i tried Holly Ann-Aeree's "everyday" look but using the Modelista "Barcelona" Quad (Target $12.99). LOL, i can't do what she can do. Well, better than nothing!

as you can tell, i suck at paint let alone photoshop. ttyl! Take care sweetie pies

P.S. The lump on my right breast turned out to be nothing cancerous. Thank goodness! Just a lump of fat! But i should still feel it if it changes or anything. Im trying to be healthier, drinking water only, but it taste terrible but i must if i want to reach my goal.


  1. I like the look, it looks exactly like Holly's look. :)

    I'm glad you're fine :) Lumps always scare me

  2. Hey girl~
    I'm glad everything is well.
    Yea, I only work with paint since I don't have photoshop. I'm into clothing and accessories with gold studs too. =)