Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review and FOTD and Rant

Im so sorry for not blogging as off late. I had an essay to write for school and i've handed it in, so now i just hope for a pass!

i've been rather exhausted. Aveg 30 hours a week working, as well going to uni every monday, wednesday and friday night for 3 hours minimum. It's starting to take its toll and im hormonal as fuck! I cant even go gym anymore so i better pause mounties for few weeks ( costing me $36 a fortnight).

I feel so flawless, except for that zit on my forehead ><

Innocence =)
i think i have the worst bags, no matter how much i sleep ( sometimes 12hours) i still have bags.

A duplicate of the Gucci Spring 09 Campaign, which feature, Abbey Lee, Natasha Poly and Lily Donaldson, all three are my favourite models of a just a handful. I toned it down a little.The lashes are from M.O.D.E.L.21 and even though its just approx. 2mm longer than my other lashes its TOO long.

Chi Chi "pimp my style"
So shiteous, i had to pack on so much it hurt my eyelid.

I've recently purchase the 1000 Hours Heated eyelash Curler because i saw a lot of japanese girls using it in the magazine tutorials.

It cost $18. SO thats pretty cheap
Lesson 1: Dont comb it afterwards.
Lesson 2: Be extremely relaxed when using the heated curler, no rushing!

  1. I hope to update more often it's just a bit crazy this semester.

    On a slightly negative note, i found a lump in my right breast - the size of a pea, i was crying all nite to my boyfriend and got it check out straight after work the next day.

    My GP says he would be extrememly surprised if its cancerous but he highly doubts that it is.
    And because im still developing, breasts can be lumpy.

    I think that is extremely confusing for any lady. Its either hormones or cancer.

    In the meantime, im still waiting for my appointment on the 21st April to get a ultrasound. Its so long but im trying to keep myself busy.

    RANT. I am HATING! the self service system at last chain stores.
    For some reason everytime i shop which is evenings - there is:

    1 express lane available.

1 Checkout chick

all 6 self services available.

The trolley is FULL!

You cant go in express line,
checkout chick has 5 full trolleys waiting
so you do the self service

The mother fucker goes off everytime you move your groceries back into your trolley because there's not enough room in your " Bagging area"

Its getting ridiculous, because if im scanning my own items, i should be getting a discount considering you're not paying any person to do the job.

And WOOLSWORTH! If you're going to dedicate ONE single day to give your entires profit to the farmers and think you're going to make a difference and " give back to the farmer", why dont you just give the farmers a better deal for their fruits and vegetables and goods instead of the supposedly 50c per kilo shit.


  1. nice eyelashes!! does the lash curler work well? I use the panasonic one it works really well :)

  2. ive never tried those type of heated lash curlers. and i hope the lump is nothing serious! good luck D!