Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poker Face (Rock Remix) (feat. Kevin Figueiredo) - The 4O1 and Lady GaGa

Random rant because i havent shopped.

Im so proud of myself, i havent spent any pay (or stimulus package) on makeup thus far. Ive been a busy bee, assessment after assessment.

Last friday i had my Introduction to International Business lecture and tutorial. There is this absolutely gorgeous French int. stu. and ive always felt awkward checking her out because im scared of being busted. Shes tall, slim blonde and doesnt care about her appearance. Anyways it was her groups' turn to do a presentation and she would not stop talking!! Hottest french/english accent EVER! I had to remind myself to breathe lol

Group work has been getting on my nerves because i feel like im doing 60% of the work. The other 2 doing 40%. This is definitely a first for me, usually im the dickhead that leeches off the smart people and shotgun the "introduction" part.

Wish List.

I am absolutely LOVING gold studs on everything, especially black.

^ Here, shoboots from Siren approx $140.00. However its peeptoe and i dont like that

^ These babies called "Twista" by Tony Bianco cost $300.00 - a knock off of Gucci(approx $1895) as modelled by the Beautiful Megan Fox.

Puss in boots never looked so good

^ My love for grey upper wear will never end i believe.

Fits like a glove. SportGirl $49.95
I'll just wait til they're up to their last few and buy it on sale.


Directed by JUSTIN LIN
Biggest BS movie. . . Not a lot of hot girls or hot guys ( but vin diesel makes up for it) not a single hot smokin sex scene. But the racing scenes are REALLY good and well thought out.

The guy that played Fenix Rose looked like the BIGGEST MR.T wannabe. You know what i mean if you've seen it.

Final scene, she's rolling in a HONDA NSX which is approx 100k or something along the lines. But omgggg she looks sooo cool.
Even though i cant turn, accelerate, break and/or park i can still drive and i wanna get my paws on this!

i dont know how to end here so.. take care everyone stay safe.


  1. hey doll

    dude i feel you on LADY GAGA...i think she is the shit...she is a breath of fresh air for me in style and in music!!! LOVE HER!

    as for the boots let me help you out on your craving at a much cheaper price...

    there friggen awesome i have seen them at the store...and the leather is really good

    happy shopping!

  2. hey you! have you received your rudd dollars yet? i'm still waiting on mine!

  3. heiii i got the sloppy joe.
    not tht good
    def. not as gorgeous as the pic.. which the model is wearing lol.
    looks like a pj xD

    anyways i do curl my bottom lashes too ! XD

  4. AWWW thanks so much for your sweet comments. You're so funny, cuz whenever my bf and I take pictures, they end up terrible :( We only got semi-lucky it ended up decent.

  5. Dhuu the shoes look awesome!♥
    Glad to hear your bruise is better now!^-^

  6. gloves! its time for me to roll out my gloves soon :D p.s ur below pics are cute ! x

  7. Pink Fish is adorable <3

    I wanna go and get some more. They're pretty pricy at $7 USD each. But I'm determined to have a Fishy army one day!!!!!

  8. i loveee the stud booties!!!
    they look hott<33