Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes ft The Dream

Im going to a shotgun wedding soon. like just under 2 weeks time. Its the cutest because the couple have already had their daughter in September and are getting married now because i suppose the reception function was only available on that night.

I totally forgot to put a photo of my dress, well basically its empire line and black. The bust is sparkly with blue sprinkles.

I dont know what to do for my eye make up.

alien Headshaped.

I'm leaning towards the blue shade because of the hint of blue in my black dress.

A picture of (mainly) me and you

Thats my future husband, im still waiting for him to ask me to marry him and im gathering ideas for him on what to buy for my engagement ring. I've gotten so scooped up in the idea of marriage because his middle brother FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, and he never saw himself getting married. It gives me hope that my boyfriend does realise i do deserve a wedding after everything we've been through. I want my wedding to be small and intimate with close friends and some family.

I am actually more excited than the bride and groom!!

These photos were taken after a night of dancing on a cruise on a Thursday(09/04/09) night, followed by a 6am start to friday(10/04/09) for Paintball consisting of a 2 hours nap and proceeding to have an expensive seafood dinner with his fambam. All that and knowing i have work 8am the Saturday :D

Tuesday 7th i went Go Karting at Minto with work mates.We ate at a Pizza Hut " all you can eat" and it definetly was not all you can eat. There were approximately 4 different types of pizza and horrendous pasta sauce choice.My boss shouted us it is cost about $150 for 8 of us.

Here is the result.
This happened as a result of someone t-boning me as i was making a turn. It hurt soooo much because i was wearing tight jeans. It's scary because surrounding veins are showing up bruised. I will see a doctor soon. Just imagine real-life circumstances. Please dont speed and/or DUI.

The only things ive bought recently is:

1) Max Factor " Masterpiece GLIDE & DEFINE Liquid Eyeliner." Which is okay but my eyelids are oily so at the end of the day it just flakes off like Amy winos when shes off her face from the coke. Its a little too small as well, and considering i have small hands already it's hard to control.

2) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Yellow. I like it a lot because its a shade that suits me. Blends well without the cakey packed on look.3) Revlon eyeshadow in Champagne


  1. the blue shade looks lovely~ your leg looks really painful >_< hope nothing is broken

  2. cookie
    y didnt u post pics from the cruise? u looked good that day in ur ugly bench top cos u suited ur armpit sweat patches...
    compared 2 everyone else with their nice hair, dresses n makeup u stoooooood out.

  3. Dude, i love the title of this post, i love that song. OMG im so sorry about your leg, it looks so painful.

  4. hey, thanks! happy easter too ! (abit late xD)

    your leg.. it looks painful >_< get well soon.

  5. whatthe?: cookie jar is an old song, so is Thriller by Michael Jackson (can you belive theyre gonna auction his things!!$$) and its AWESOME! The bench top is simple and not overkill and did you know how HOT that cruise was with everybodies bodyheat?? - everyone was sweating like wild pigs. So what if everyone else wore dresses and did their hair. Im sure they were as comfortable and carefree as i was.

    I hope you enjoyed your night gawking at what everyone else was looking like and got you $35 worth it.

  6. ouch that looks painful. i had a few bruises from paintballing. that shit hurts!

    and i'm leaning more towards the blue because it stands out more =)

  7. I love the blue make up!♥

    Awww the bruises look aweful, hope you get better really soon!♥

    Haha I actually live in normal city? It´s definetly not a small city, but not big like Berlin.^^ German infrastructure is pretty different from the US or UK, we have green almost everywhere!^^

  8. sorry diana but i can never look at u and ur boy the same way again after ur valentines day entry from ur old blog =\ all i think wen i see u two is lines from ur blog 'hope we have heaps of sex' 'reverse cowgirl till he blows his load in u' omgggg =( *shudders*

  9. traumatised: LOL, unfortunatly there was no action on Valentines Day coz we were both exhausted from work.

    What's wrong with having heaps of sex? and Reverse cow girl? It is a completely healthy thing - physically and for our relationship.

    And next time you see me and my boy, you'll know that we have a very active and orgasmful sex life. =D

  10. hi! cute eye look :)
    i hope your leg gets better. it looks so painful
    i'm following your blog :)

  11. Omg, your eyes are so big and pretty. I want your eyes =D

    hehe I'm gonna add you to my daily reading list now.. hope you don't mind

  12. girl you need to get a cbox for real LOL yeah so we can chat! but yeah my lippies is my foundation! I pt my foundation on top of my lips then apply smashbox lip enhancer in sand and it creates really pretty nude lips :D

  13. doesn't hurt for me anymore. i find it hurts more if someone else does it for you. you know, kinda like when you tickle yourself it doesn't tickle but it does when someone else tickles you LOL

    if i paid to get it done all the time, i'd be broke haha i'm pretty hairy :X

    and i think hordern pavilion is OK for the venue. i would've preferred it at acer but i dont think jason mraz is that big anyway.

  14. great job!! keep it...