Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im at my boyfriends place because my net is at it Max capacity at home.

I have worked WAY to much on this group assignment and i so believe my contribution is enough.

Here i tried Holly Ann-Aeree's "everyday" look but using the Modelista "Barcelona" Quad (Target $12.99). LOL, i can't do what she can do. Well, better than nothing!

as you can tell, i suck at paint let alone photoshop. ttyl! Take care sweetie pies

P.S. The lump on my right breast turned out to be nothing cancerous. Thank goodness! Just a lump of fat! But i should still feel it if it changes or anything. Im trying to be healthier, drinking water only, but it taste terrible but i must if i want to reach my goal.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poker Face (Rock Remix) (feat. Kevin Figueiredo) - The 4O1 and Lady GaGa

Random rant because i havent shopped.

Im so proud of myself, i havent spent any pay (or stimulus package) on makeup thus far. Ive been a busy bee, assessment after assessment.

Last friday i had my Introduction to International Business lecture and tutorial. There is this absolutely gorgeous French int. stu. and ive always felt awkward checking her out because im scared of being busted. Shes tall, slim blonde and doesnt care about her appearance. Anyways it was her groups' turn to do a presentation and she would not stop talking!! Hottest french/english accent EVER! I had to remind myself to breathe lol

Group work has been getting on my nerves because i feel like im doing 60% of the work. The other 2 doing 40%. This is definitely a first for me, usually im the dickhead that leeches off the smart people and shotgun the "introduction" part.

Wish List.

I am absolutely LOVING gold studs on everything, especially black.

^ Here, shoboots from Siren approx $140.00. However its peeptoe and i dont like that

^ These babies called "Twista" by Tony Bianco cost $300.00 - a knock off of Gucci(approx $1895) as modelled by the Beautiful Megan Fox.

Puss in boots never looked so good

^ My love for grey upper wear will never end i believe.

Fits like a glove. SportGirl $49.95
I'll just wait til they're up to their last few and buy it on sale.


Directed by JUSTIN LIN
Biggest BS movie. . . Not a lot of hot girls or hot guys ( but vin diesel makes up for it) not a single hot smokin sex scene. But the racing scenes are REALLY good and well thought out.

The guy that played Fenix Rose looked like the BIGGEST MR.T wannabe. You know what i mean if you've seen it.

Final scene, she's rolling in a HONDA NSX which is approx 100k or something along the lines. But omgggg she looks sooo cool.
Even though i cant turn, accelerate, break and/or park i can still drive and i wanna get my paws on this!

i dont know how to end here so.. take care everyone stay safe.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes ft The Dream

Im going to a shotgun wedding soon. like just under 2 weeks time. Its the cutest because the couple have already had their daughter in September and are getting married now because i suppose the reception function was only available on that night.

I totally forgot to put a photo of my dress, well basically its empire line and black. The bust is sparkly with blue sprinkles.

I dont know what to do for my eye make up.

alien Headshaped.

I'm leaning towards the blue shade because of the hint of blue in my black dress.

A picture of (mainly) me and you

Thats my future husband, im still waiting for him to ask me to marry him and im gathering ideas for him on what to buy for my engagement ring. I've gotten so scooped up in the idea of marriage because his middle brother FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, and he never saw himself getting married. It gives me hope that my boyfriend does realise i do deserve a wedding after everything we've been through. I want my wedding to be small and intimate with close friends and some family.

I am actually more excited than the bride and groom!!

These photos were taken after a night of dancing on a cruise on a Thursday(09/04/09) night, followed by a 6am start to friday(10/04/09) for Paintball consisting of a 2 hours nap and proceeding to have an expensive seafood dinner with his fambam. All that and knowing i have work 8am the Saturday :D

Tuesday 7th i went Go Karting at Minto with work mates.We ate at a Pizza Hut " all you can eat" and it definetly was not all you can eat. There were approximately 4 different types of pizza and horrendous pasta sauce choice.My boss shouted us it is cost about $150 for 8 of us.

Here is the result.
This happened as a result of someone t-boning me as i was making a turn. It hurt soooo much because i was wearing tight jeans. It's scary because surrounding veins are showing up bruised. I will see a doctor soon. Just imagine real-life circumstances. Please dont speed and/or DUI.

The only things ive bought recently is:

1) Max Factor " Masterpiece GLIDE & DEFINE Liquid Eyeliner." Which is okay but my eyelids are oily so at the end of the day it just flakes off like Amy winos when shes off her face from the coke. Its a little too small as well, and considering i have small hands already it's hard to control.

2) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Yellow. I like it a lot because its a shade that suits me. Blends well without the cakey packed on look.3) Revlon eyeshadow in Champagne

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review and FOTD and Rant

Im so sorry for not blogging as off late. I had an essay to write for school and i've handed it in, so now i just hope for a pass!

i've been rather exhausted. Aveg 30 hours a week working, as well going to uni every monday, wednesday and friday night for 3 hours minimum. It's starting to take its toll and im hormonal as fuck! I cant even go gym anymore so i better pause mounties for few weeks ( costing me $36 a fortnight).

I feel so flawless, except for that zit on my forehead ><

Innocence =)
i think i have the worst bags, no matter how much i sleep ( sometimes 12hours) i still have bags.

A duplicate of the Gucci Spring 09 Campaign, which feature, Abbey Lee, Natasha Poly and Lily Donaldson, all three are my favourite models of a just a handful. I toned it down a little.The lashes are from M.O.D.E.L.21 and even though its just approx. 2mm longer than my other lashes its TOO long.

Chi Chi "pimp my style"
So shiteous, i had to pack on so much it hurt my eyelid.

I've recently purchase the 1000 Hours Heated eyelash Curler because i saw a lot of japanese girls using it in the magazine tutorials.

It cost $18. SO thats pretty cheap
Lesson 1: Dont comb it afterwards.
Lesson 2: Be extremely relaxed when using the heated curler, no rushing!

  1. I hope to update more often it's just a bit crazy this semester.

    On a slightly negative note, i found a lump in my right breast - the size of a pea, i was crying all nite to my boyfriend and got it check out straight after work the next day.

    My GP says he would be extrememly surprised if its cancerous but he highly doubts that it is.
    And because im still developing, breasts can be lumpy.

    I think that is extremely confusing for any lady. Its either hormones or cancer.

    In the meantime, im still waiting for my appointment on the 21st April to get a ultrasound. Its so long but im trying to keep myself busy.

    RANT. I am HATING! the self service system at last chain stores.
    For some reason everytime i shop which is evenings - there is:

    1 express lane available.

1 Checkout chick

all 6 self services available.

The trolley is FULL!

You cant go in express line,
checkout chick has 5 full trolleys waiting
so you do the self service

The mother fucker goes off everytime you move your groceries back into your trolley because there's not enough room in your " Bagging area"

Its getting ridiculous, because if im scanning my own items, i should be getting a discount considering you're not paying any person to do the job.

And WOOLSWORTH! If you're going to dedicate ONE single day to give your entires profit to the farmers and think you're going to make a difference and " give back to the farmer", why dont you just give the farmers a better deal for their fruits and vegetables and goods instead of the supposedly 50c per kilo shit.