Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Damage

like $4 left.
Pink rose/light bronzer clutch from Sportsgirl( $10!).I lost my black Chanel wallet last week, so i decided to buy something cheap and shiny so it's easy to find!

Forever New Bracelets.
Suede woven and leather


Supre Blazer
It was everything i looked for. My quest is over.

Rolling stones T-shirt
Block denim jeans which i cut
Kmart ( Tony Bianco's Legra knock off) Heels.

My old blog is if you just feel like more of a read of my past.


  1. hellooo miss diana! you gotta tell me how you take em out yourself ... they're horrid!

  2. what is with that ugly rolling stones tshirt and even uglier shorts? who the hell even wears Legras anymore? blazer isnt half bad so kudos for that..but it would look better on someone who knows how to dress

  3. You didnt leave a link for me to reply so i'll just pop it into here.

    Well, i dont see anyone else around the area wearing that Rolling stones t-shirt and the short are comfortable. I havent even worn my Legra's out once yet because they hurt my feet. Pretty much - i just wear whats comfortable.

    Im just not really into wearing what everyone else is wearing because the world would be so monotonous and boring.

    Also if it's in VOGUE then its good! =)