Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight DVD

Twilight pricings : $40 ish for 2 discs.
Borders : $37 ish 2 discs + twilight bag ( online orders only)
Sanity : $40.00 3 disc

the "3rd" disc have four never before seen scenes.

And quite frankly its already been posted on YOUTUBE. ( how hot was the first time she dreamt about edward !!! haha omg, teenage hormones ragin' again.)

Therefore, im just not going to bother with all this preordering mumbo jumbo and wait til JB Hi-Fi stock it.

I didnt and am not intending on buying anything from MAC Hello Kitty collection. Its just TOO expensive for me and i'd much rather get a G-star tee shirt than an eye pallet.

I did however purchase my first MAC pigment, its called "Flashtrack" silver blue colour and my goodness it is sooooo pigmented, and i only got it for $20! Its a cosmetic shop in Neeta City Fairfield ( shock) and she only have a small collection of MAC. But she told me to come back in a month and she should have more things so a pat on the back for finding brand new MAC.

Photos later.

Im just going to knock to bed now, had a 630am - 9pm day. Absolutely exhausted. 7am start work tomorrow . . .

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  1. lol that still sounds painful diana! i've tried popping them like a pimple but that hurt enough ... let alone poke them with a needle! ouch =(