Sunday, March 22, 2009


My mum just came back home from Vietnam just over a week ago.
And i made a 7 page picture list of things i wanted.
She got only a few from the list but its better than nothing

I got a box of these M.O.D.E.L 21 faux lashes in Chinatown for $10.
Mum got these for 30,000 VND = 2.50 AUD
They're a bit too long so they'll probably just sit in a corner or im going to sell them on Ebay...

These are sooo unique. They're compressed TOWELS! You put them in water and then it expands. Which i think is great for traveling. Sanrio are well.

Pigment " Flashtrack " silvery blue $20.oo (RRP $39.oo)
Cream Colour Base "SHELL" Frost. $15.oo (RRP $35.oo)
[ Bought at Fairfield, Neeta city]

They dont fit my little kiddy nails unfortunately =(

22,000 VND = 1.80 AUD

I've seen these rhinestone circles at cabramatta for $15.00 each
35,000 VND = 2.90 AUD!! WTFFF and she only got me ONE white diamantes!!!

She didnt get enough big rhinestones!! =(

Beads for 3d nail art :D
These were " expensive" compared to everything else
60,357 VND = $5.00

Nail Stickers were like 1c EACH! Just for fun.


  1. wow nice haul and everything is so cheap!

    why don't you trim the lashes to your liking? :P

  2. Thx cutie for the sweet comment! great haul and so cheap!! you should get a cbox so I can drop you a line now and then hehe :3

  3. That´s a massive haul on nail accessories!
    Love the little rhinestones!<3

  4. There's no MAC pigment called Flashtrack by MAC. There IS an eyeshadow by the same name though. Please be careful in using fake cosmetics. The pigmentation may be great but you never know what's in the ingredients.

  5. omg SO MUCH so cool! I'm so horrible with nail art! I can't even paint properly -.-