Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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A fresh new start now with blogger.

Hi, I'm Diana and from Sydney Australia. In the day time i work at a butcher shop as a salesgirl and i go to school 3 nights a week. I enjoy food, sleep and all the other girly things.

Ive been with my boyfriend, Vincent on and off since i was 17. He will never understand why i need so many shoes and bags and clothes and makeup but i truelly believe that under his tough skin - deeeeep inside, there is an ounce of him that loves me for who i am and wants me to be the mummy of his babies.

I spend a lot of money but (90%) is on sale, so i dont feel so guilty.

This is just going to be a random blog about the jizz and jazz of my life.

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  1. Hi Diana!
    welcome to blogger ! hmm i think you have to manually type the address in your account to blogs you wanna follow. i think!


    x jo