Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untouchable - Girls Aloud

That's my first attempt of 3d nail art and of course im impressed! Also im very happy with that photo quality, taken with my mobile phone.

My favourite nails are the wedding ring finger, the heart and the white sparkly rude finger.

Hehe, this Duo reminded me of NARS blushes.
Its not tooo bad, but it isnt the best either. I've brushed some on my cheeks with no base and its still on after 4 hours. For $10, if comes with a surprising soft brush and mirror - Very cute packaging. I also like the hints of gold shimmer in it.

i like modelista quads. Long lasting and its pigment is okay for the price you're paying.
Very easy to blend and it was only $10. Im going to buy the most of the new range of quads.
I find it easier to use eye shadow applicators to apply their shadows ( to get the most colour), and then blend them with a brush to your liking.

My new princess i named princess.
Im so stoked about this purchase. Yes it's a knock off because of obvious reasons, i dont have US$1695.00 to blow my load on. It doesnt even come in the brown's not made out of lamb skin, no lampozipper, no metal plate.

And that is it...
Its even made to the EXACT size. i measured it, and it is
15' x 9.8" x 3.9"
The leather is thin and sooo soft.
It collapses when its empty.
Its even got Balenciaga and a serial number embedded into the leather! Not like some gold ink printed sticker on the leather.
The stitching is superb
All the gold metal is the EXACT.
The way they sewed the long strap is identical to the authentic.
It even came a cotton Balenciaga bag.
its a freakin heavy bag! but ohhh its love all over again.

And babe, i lied to you, it wasnt $100, it was $230.
I didnt tell you then and there because i knew you were gna skitz it.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


My mum just came back home from Vietnam just over a week ago.
And i made a 7 page picture list of things i wanted.
She got only a few from the list but its better than nothing

I got a box of these M.O.D.E.L 21 faux lashes in Chinatown for $10.
Mum got these for 30,000 VND = 2.50 AUD
They're a bit too long so they'll probably just sit in a corner or im going to sell them on Ebay...

These are sooo unique. They're compressed TOWELS! You put them in water and then it expands. Which i think is great for traveling. Sanrio are well.

Pigment " Flashtrack " silvery blue $20.oo (RRP $39.oo)
Cream Colour Base "SHELL" Frost. $15.oo (RRP $35.oo)
[ Bought at Fairfield, Neeta city]

They dont fit my little kiddy nails unfortunately =(

22,000 VND = 1.80 AUD

I've seen these rhinestone circles at cabramatta for $15.00 each
35,000 VND = 2.90 AUD!! WTFFF and she only got me ONE white diamantes!!!

She didnt get enough big rhinestones!! =(

Beads for 3d nail art :D
These were " expensive" compared to everything else
60,357 VND = $5.00

Nail Stickers were like 1c EACH! Just for fun.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight DVD

Twilight pricings : $40 ish for 2 discs.
Borders : $37 ish 2 discs + twilight bag ( online orders only)
Sanity : $40.00 3 disc

the "3rd" disc have four never before seen scenes.

And quite frankly its already been posted on YOUTUBE. ( how hot was the first time she dreamt about edward !!! haha omg, teenage hormones ragin' again.)

Therefore, im just not going to bother with all this preordering mumbo jumbo and wait til JB Hi-Fi stock it.

I didnt and am not intending on buying anything from MAC Hello Kitty collection. Its just TOO expensive for me and i'd much rather get a G-star tee shirt than an eye pallet.

I did however purchase my first MAC pigment, its called "Flashtrack" silver blue colour and my goodness it is sooooo pigmented, and i only got it for $20! Its a cosmetic shop in Neeta City Fairfield ( shock) and she only have a small collection of MAC. But she told me to come back in a month and she should have more things so a pat on the back for finding brand new MAC.

Photos later.

Im just going to knock to bed now, had a 630am - 9pm day. Absolutely exhausted. 7am start work tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Damage

like $4 left.
Pink rose/light bronzer clutch from Sportsgirl( $10!).I lost my black Chanel wallet last week, so i decided to buy something cheap and shiny so it's easy to find!

Forever New Bracelets.
Suede woven and leather


Supre Blazer
It was everything i looked for. My quest is over.

Rolling stones T-shirt
Block denim jeans which i cut
Kmart ( Tony Bianco's Legra knock off) Heels.

My old blog is if you just feel like more of a read of my past.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


: : :

A fresh new start now with blogger.

Hi, I'm Diana and from Sydney Australia. In the day time i work at a butcher shop as a salesgirl and i go to school 3 nights a week. I enjoy food, sleep and all the other girly things.

Ive been with my boyfriend, Vincent on and off since i was 17. He will never understand why i need so many shoes and bags and clothes and makeup but i truelly believe that under his tough skin - deeeeep inside, there is an ounce of him that loves me for who i am and wants me to be the mummy of his babies.

I spend a lot of money but (90%) is on sale, so i dont feel so guilty.

This is just going to be a random blog about the jizz and jazz of my life.